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February 2019

Dubai Tax heaven

Is Dubai TAX Heaven with zero corporate tax?

For over 30 decades, Dubai has been acting as a business hub for its surrounding regions. Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East have been using Dubai as the transit point for their business dealings and have placed their investments in the UAE. The prime location of Dubai, with access to both land and sea, allows different import and export routes. Furthermore, UAE has been operating businesses by designating different regions for different purposes. For example, Free zones allow [...]

Introduction of VAT registration for new companies ( Not so scary)

Introduction of VAT registration for new companies (Not so scary)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the tax that is applied to the product or service on every stage of the supply chain. This means that whenever a product or service receives further attention and detailing, value is added. Therefore, every time a value is added to the product or service, the value added tax is applied. For example, when a plain soda can has its brand name printed upon, value is added. A business which accumulates over £85,000 threshold of [...]

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