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January 2018


Benefits of Tax Free Zones for Businesses

The purpose of a free-zone is to attract foreign investment because investors around the world will be willing to invest in new regions if they found any benefits in new regions as compare to their home country. That’s why different countries have free-zones to attract foreign investment and these investments around the world help these regions to develop a strong economy. There are many countries that have free-zones for businesses to invest in but most popular and preferred free-zones are [...]

Effects of VAT in UAE

Effects of VAT in UAE

The year 2018 not only marks the beginning of a new year but a new era in the history of United Arab Emirates Economy as VAT takes effect. VAT is introduced at a rate of 5% implementing in UAE from January 1, 2018. However other GCC countries may start at the same time or at the latest of January 1, 2019. So what is this new concept of value added tax that is so much talked about in UAE these [...]

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