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January 2018


Cost of Setup A Business in Dubai

The city of Dubai is a dream place for expats who want to pursue their career and live better lives. It is also a great place for foreign investment where you have multiple business opportunities and flexible business laws which drive you to setup your business in UAE. If you are new here or if you have been living here for years, establishing your business here is quite a tough task for which there are whole lot of considerations. [...]


Setup your business in Dubai with KWS Middle East

From last many years Dubai has become one of the key areas for foreign investor to invest in Dubai and investors all around the world are using this platform to expand there business. With its advanced infrastructure backed by government support, benefits of tax free zones and an ease of setting up a new business, the city of Dubai has become an ideal place for entrepreneurs around the world. Company formation in Dubai or Business setup in Dubai is not as [...]

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