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July 2021

Get the Best Services for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone

The Free Zone sectors of Dubai are comprised of a variety of commercial cities which deal-specific business types. The business setup in Dubai Free Zone is the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs or foreign investors who want to run their company as quickly as possible. There is one firm that can help you to complete the company formation in Dubai in affordable packages. The KWSME is one of the finest business consultants in Dubai who will offer you the best services [...]

May 2021

KWSME Provides Best Pro Service for Business Setup in Dubai

The Dubai business zone stored great benefits for the foreign investors. There are remarkable opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a business in any state of UAE. If you are a fresh starter in Dubai then before setting up a company in Dubai you need to complete some procedures to get approval from governmental authorities. The business setup in Dubai demands some rules and regulations which are obligatory to be fulfilled with the help of professional agencies. The PRO services are [...]

July 2019

8 Steps Guide to Securing Cafeteria License in Dubai

With the UAE coffee shop market booming, there’s never been a better time to open your own coffee shop. According to the Business Registration and Licensing (BRL) sector in the Department of Economic Development, DED Dubai, two restaurants and one coffee shop open daily in Dubai. During the first three months of 2019 alone, nearly 500 outlets (operational restaurants and cafes) have been opened in the emirate. It’s no surprise that café culture is flourishing in the UAE. Firstly, coffee [...]

3 Simple steps to renew business license in dubai

One of the many ways in which the authorities in the UAE keep their regulatory hand high is through renewal requirement for business licenses. But the authorities have also provided ease for renewal of existing business licenses. Once you are done with company formation in Dubai, the business license needs to be renewed every year. You can get your business licenses renewed through business service providers, law firms and authorized service agents etc. How to obtain trade license in Dubai In [...]

June 2019

Tax Audit in UAE – Know the procedure and how to be prepared for audit

In our previous articles we updated you on introduction of VAT in the UAE and how will the new tax rules affect your business. Now we will explain about tax audit in the UAE so that you get familiar with terminology and also keep up with the era of taxation in UAE. What is a tax audit? A tax audit in UAE is basically a government’s assessment of an organization about its responsibility as a taxable entity. This kind of audit [...]

Why Dubai South is in Demand for company formation

Dubai South is a city that’s not really a city but a new way of living. It doesn’t just honor the humanity, it enhances it. The place is not centered on cars or buildings or egos or banks but “human beings” who want to live, work, invest and play together with their families, neighbors and friends. Dubai South aims to become world’s happiest city; a city reinvented around its people needs, an oasis of connection and a breath of fresh [...]

Get your events management license in Dubai, UAE

With Expo 2020 coming along with massive support from the UAE government in terms of new policies, opening of new tourist destinations and exemption from value-added tax (VAT) for tourists, UAE Hospitality Industry is expected to reach $7.6 Billion by 2022 (Alpen Capital’s latest report on GCC Hospitality Industry 2018), and this is a sure sign that Dubai Events Industry is getting healthier by the day. If you are looking to start event management business in Dubai, now is a [...]

February 2019

Dubai Tax heaven

Is Dubai TAX Heaven with zero corporate tax?

For over 30 decades, Dubai has been acting as a business hub for its surrounding regions. Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East have been using Dubai as the transit point for their business dealings and have placed their investments in the UAE. The prime location of Dubai, with access to both land and sea, allows different import and export routes. Furthermore, UAE has been operating businesses by designating different regions for different purposes. For example, Free zones allow [...]

Introduction of VAT registration for new companies ( Not so scary)

Introduction of VAT registration for new companies (Not so scary)

Value Added Tax (VAT) is the tax that is applied to the product or service on every stage of the supply chain. This means that whenever a product or service receives further attention and detailing, value is added. Therefore, every time a value is added to the product or service, the value added tax is applied. For example, when a plain soda can has its brand name printed upon, value is added. A business which accumulates over £85,000 threshold of [...]

December 2018

Is UAE still a tax haven

Is UAE still a tax haven?

Taxation in the UAE has been a point of debate and discussion for almost everyone who wanted or ever thought of operating a business in the UAE. It is a hot topic because it is not available to everyone. Businesses in the UAE have been lucky to have something of this sort around them because it smells of positivity and hope for low costs and higher profits, an investors dream. Low taxation is the single most famous point that has [...]

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