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October 2018

Why to setup business in Dubai Airport free zone

Why to setup business in Dubai Airport free zone?

Dubai Airport Free Zone also known as DAFZA, is one of the world’s most modern free zone that has been providing the most lucrative investment opportunities to entrepreneurs for their business setup in Dubai since its establishment in 1996. DAFZA encourages diversification across the free zone. It currently houses over 1,600 multinational companies from various industries such as electronic, IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, engineering and building materials, aerospace and aviation, logistics and freight, food and beverage etc. The free zone [...]

USARTC – Specific Free Zone For U.S. Citizens

USARTC – Specific Free Zone For U.S. Citizens

The United States of American is a super power in the world. It has one of the best and strongest economies in the world but the business and the market in the U.S is much bigger and different than other parts of the world. When it comes to investments and money circulating in the economy, there is no bigger place than the U.S. Organizations as old as 200 years are now giants that are acting as pillars for the [...]

September 2018

Five tips to come up with a winning business idea

Studies by Incarbia, a business management firm, found that 2 out of 10 start-ups fail in UAE – i.e. cease operations entirely in their first year. 6 more fail in their second year, according to Dubai Free-Zone website. What can you do to ensure that your company won’t be one of the ones that fail? The key lies in making sure you have a viable business idea that’s positioned well to help your company succeed. Today I am happy to share [...]

July 2018

Set up your business in UAE in just 15 minutes

Set up your business in UAE in just 15 minutes

Introduction Among the facilities that attracts investors towards new investment opportunities is fast processing of business formation. Time is money and that is why investors focus on getting their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The government in the UAE has paid attention towards this unannounced demand of the investors and has made the licensing process for business setup in UAE even easier than it was before. Providing documents and visiting relevant service centers was thought to be too [...]

JAFZA sign cooperation deals with GDRFA to simplify visa procedure

JAFZA sign cooperation deals with GDRFA to simplify visa procedure

Visa processes is one of those things that make people collect documents and take out time to complete. It’s these processes that the business world has to see every day when businessmen and investors are trying to cut a deal with people on the other side of the border or at a distance of a whole continent. The UAE government has realized that what is required is quick visa processing to further improve the business environment in the UAE. [...]

8 major changes announced to the UAE Visa rules

8 major changes announced to the UAE Visa rules

Introduction One point that made the UAE stand out when it comes to countries with great business prospects is that the authorities provided a safe environment, where not only the laws were being implemented to maintain a good law and order situation, entry into the UAE was also made easy through the establishment of international airports and travel services which were encouraged by UAE’s visa and entry policies. The authorities have a good understanding of how crucial these things can be [...]

June 2018

UAE’s changing foreign ownership laws could threaten free zones

UAE game changing investment law promises a new dawn for foreign investors and residents but is it beneficial for UAE free zones? Let’s explore this here. In a recent announcement by UAE Cabinet, they are drafting a law which will allow 100% ownership to foreign investors in some specific onshore business sectors and a 10-year residency visas will be made available for specialist workers in the fields such as technology and academia. This means that foreign investors can setup business [...]

February 2018

How Important is Dubai Plan 2021 for Businesses in Dubai UAE

How Important is Dubai Plan 2021 for Businesses in Dubai UAE?

Dubai Plan 2021 Background In a span of just twenty years, the glorious city of Dubai has experienced an unparalleled growth and extraordinary transformation on a global level. The success was envisioned by Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who has placed keen importance upon controlled and directed growth. He also established the first documented long term strategy for Dubai; known as Dubai Strategic Plan 2015. DSP 2015 focused on five main areas of development i.e. [...]

How Growing an E-Commerce Business in the UAE

How Growing an E-Commerce Business in the UAE

E-commerce has become the integral part of any business whether you do it offshore or work from site. In 90’s the concept of electronic business was introduced and then with the passage of time in 20’s this concept boomed and E-industry reached to the top. Now you talk about starting any sort of business, first you Google it and look for its scope online. From grocery to the fashion and from education to the professionalism, every sector is hitting [...]

start trading business setup in Dubai

How & why you need to start trading business setup in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is considered to be the trade hub of Asia due to its strategies policies for promoting business startups by providing high level facilities, mesmerizing buildings, artificially created environment simply an attraction and reason to become part of this trade hub. We at KWSME are providing Support Services for our customers in addition to the business formation guidance to saving their time and money and provide them opportunities at our best to start your business today. This detailed guidance will help [...]

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