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February 2019

Tips to avoid tax penalties in UAE

Tips to avoid tax penalties in UAE

Due to its prime location that connects Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, Dubai is one of the world’s biggest business hubs. In addition, UAE is slowly developing other cities such as Abu Dhabi into a similar business hub as well, that will further fuel economic growth. The country also has several free zones and mainland regions set up throughout the UAE to create even more economic activity and generate growth that is planned. The implementation of [...]

Trade License vs Freelance Permit which one is a better option

Trade License Vs. Freelance Permit. Which One Is A Better Option and Why?

In our previous articles, we discussed how to start business in Dubai and for that purpose how to obtain trade license and become self-employed. However, what is the best option for you? Trade License or freelance permit? In order to make an informed decision, you may find useful few facts about trade license and freelance permit in this article which will help you in choosing the right legal structure for your business. For company formation in Dubai, you will need [...]

KWSME in Top 10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants – 2019

Reference Link:  Top 10 Most Promising Middle East Financial Consultants – 2019 Interview of Aqsa Abdullah with Silicon India Magazine – CEO KWS Middle East

What is the difference between offshore and onshore companies

What is the difference between offshore and onshore companies?

The UAE has offshore companies that are operated by businessmen who are not trading in the UAE. However, offshore companies can be used to operate businesses in other countries. Onshore companies, on the other hand, are able to conduct business of all kinds in the UAE. Rules and regulations are different when it comes to onshore companies, than those for offshore companies. There are many advantages of establishing offshore companies. The most common reason for creating offshore companies is that foreigners [...]

January 2019

Top Trends in Hospitality business in Dubai

Top Trends in Hospitality business in Dubai

The Hospitality sector in Dubai is a significant contributor to the UAE’s economy and a major employer. According to Knight Frank Report ‘UAE hospitality market 2018’ it is estimated that hospitality sector contributed over Dh150 billion to UAE GDP (4.6% of GDP) and provided almost 570,000 jobs (4.8% of total employment) in 2017. Dubai is now considered as one of the premier luxury destinations in the world, the city has carved itself a reputation for attracting wealthy tourists. Dubai International [...]

Can free zone companies do business in Dubai mainland

Can free zone companies do business in Dubai mainland?

Free zones are the selected regions of a country where business owners operate their companies with little to no imposed tax rates. These regions allow manufacturers and buyers to sell and resell, import and export goods without heavy taxations and with the help of world-class infrastructure. The reason for the existence of free zones is to help create economic activity in the selected regions and boost the economy overall. Companies associated with free zones are allowed to directly provide goods [...]

Requirements For Document Attestation In Dubai

Requirements for Document Attestation in Dubai

Entering or expanding businesses in foreign markets can prove to be quite difficult, especially for new business owners. Finding the right location for the business set up, contracting manufacturers and acquiring legal rights to operate a business requires a lot of contacts and knowledge about the global market. Furthermore, there are numerous legal processes, especially for foreigners, in order to gain authorization to operate a business in a foreign country. Moreover, the owners are required to provide documentation that have [...]

How to Import Cosmetic Products in UAE

How to Import Cosmetic Products in UAE

The UAE continues to grow its Imports & Exports capabilities, firmly positioning itself as a global logistics hub. The beauty and personal care market in the UAE has significantly expanded over the past five years and is projected to enjoy a compound annual growth rate of over 4% between 2018 and 2023, according to TechSci Research. Also Read: How Beauty & Cosmetic Industries Are Setting Trends in Dubai The personal care sector is strictly regulated in the UAE. This means that [...]

December 2018

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for these professionals

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for the professionals

Freelancing is getting popular by the day all around the globe. There are many reasons behind the growth in its popularity. The access to the internet has made freelancing easier than it was before because now there are people who need work to be done in one country and they can find people with sufficient skills in another, all through an online platform where freelancers offer their services. This way, people who need to get things get lower costs [...]

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