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August 2019

Why Businesses Need to Use Bookkeeping Services

Every business needs to account for the costs that it incurs and the revenue that it generates. Finance departments of businesses to the same thing. Experts of the field make sure the business does not go into the red zone and they send out alerts to higher management when something is about to go wrong so preventive and corrective measures can be taken.Sometimes businesses use external bookkeeping services. There are certain reasons behind this. Let’s look at some of [...]

How To Start Bookkeeping And Accounting Business In Dubai?

Business setup in Dubai has become extremely easy thanks to the improvement in government records and the way systems have been made to support the growth of business in the Emirates. Whether it is a manufacturing business or just a simple shop that you want to own and operate, every type of business has its own requirements which are easy to fulfill.The growth of business in the UAE has had an enormous impact on the environment of the UAE [...]

July 2019

How to request DMCC Visa Cancellation and their rules

The visa policy of the UAE is very open and investor-friendly. The policy has been made this way in order to attract foreign businessmen and investors to invest in the UAE and for business setup in Dubai to grow, a goal that the authorities in the UAE have worked towards for three decades now.In order to create a business hub in a region, it is not only important to develop infrastructure and create business-friendly laws and regulate the market [...]

3 Simple steps to renew business license in dubai

One of the many ways in which the authorities in the UAE keep their regulatory hand high is through renewal requirement for business licenses. But the authorities have also provided ease for renewal of existing business licenses. Once you are done with company formation in Dubai, the business license needs to be renewed every year. You can get your business licenses renewed through business service providers, law firms and authorized service agents etc.How to obtain trade license in DubaiIn [...]

MEA region draws investment from international hospitality brands

As a result of business-friendly policies, there has been a rise in business activity and tourism in the UAE. The whole country has been made a business hub and cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah attract millions of people every year. The revenue from the visitors is such that it has been used very efficiently in order to provide the best in-class services to travelers and visitors.From airlines, airports, with-in city transport and hospitality services, the UAE has [...]

June 2019

Dubai’s DIFC statistics on jobs & company registrations in 2018

Dubai International Finance Center is one of the best financial centres in the world and is the leading financial hub in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia region. It has 2,137 registered companies and 23,604 workers.The DIFC is a platform which has an independent regulatory and legal system and a specialized infrastructure. For end-to-end client servicing it serves as a single point of contact.It is considered to a pivotal hub for tapping growth opportunities in the Middle East, [...]

Dubai sets up committee to ensure city readiness for Expo 2020

Dubai will host the much awaited Expo 2020 in the third quarter of 2020. The event is planned to be conducted on 438-hectare area which will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The expo will not only help the UAE connect with other countries but will also add to the business opportunities in the UAE and for businessmen and investors to explore their options in the UAE.The authorities in the UAE have setup a new committee to supervise [...]

May 2019

UAE to work with EU to clear name from tax blacklist

On March 12, Financial Times reported that Italy blocked the inclusion of United Arab Emirates on a European Union blacklist of alleged tax havens. The UAE was criticized for not meeting a December 2018 deadline for being compliant with tax transparency standards.If added to the list, UAE will have to face restrictions in accessing European Union funding programmes, while the companies from European Union, that operate in the UAE will have to compliance and anti-abuse measures.The government of Italy [...]

Some successful startups idea which are working in Dubai

Dubai is the land of opportunities that is why people have succeeded when they have made an effort to introduce a new idea. The city which house people and businesses from all around the world has provided startups with the ideal environment, where everyone has a different set of needs and wants. These sets are what startups have been able to identify and provide products according to. The flexibility of startups to match customer moods and market trends has [...]

What You Need To Know About UAE Employment Laws On The Mainland

Businesses in the UAE have all types of opportunities to exploit. The country is full of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen. With business opportunities in UAE come responsibilities and as a business owner, you have to certain obligations towards your employees that include responsibilities related to working hours, safety, and meeting their end of service requirements. The UAE has a long list of laws related to employees. It is important that you understand and implement what UAE labour [...]

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