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March 2018

Local Sponsor Influence Over my UAE Business

How Much Influence Does Local Sponsor Really Have Over My UAE Business?

Setting up a business in UAE is one of the most profitable ventures these days. UAE provides plenty of new business opportunities. According to a research, nearly 42% of business start-ups from Middle East and North Africa region commence from UAE. Emirates NBD forecasts that 200,000 new businesses will be formed in Dubai alone by 2020 and 95% of them will be SMEs. This can be credited to effect of Expo 2020 as new business formations are essential part [...]

VAT In the UAE – How Will the New Tax Rules Affect Your Business

VAT In the UAE – How Will the New Tax Rules Affect Your Business?

From January 1, 2018 value added tax (VAT) came into effect for the first time in UAE. UAE is well known in offering low-tax business environment. Naturally businesses got concerned about the financial and managerial implications of VAT. Let’s dig into the benefits and downsides of VAT from business perspective but first, let’s understand why VAT is implemented in UAE? Why VAT is being implemented in UAE? For decades, GCC countries have relied on their oil resources to generate revenues. Due to [...]

E-Channel Immigration System UAE

What is the E-Channel Immigration System and how will it affect your company?

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of immigration in UAE. From a population of one million in 1980 to almost ten million today, it is due to the influx of foreign workers. According to CIA World’s Fact book, more than 90% of UAE population comprises of expatriates. Also popular as tourist destination, UAE attracts huge number of oversees travelers who visit UAE under tourist visa. Dubai is the fourth most visited city in the world. Nearly 14 million visitors [...]

Entrepreneurship evolved with the times

Past Versus Present: How Has Entrepreneurship Evolved With The Times?

It is the law of nature that everything changes with time. Successful people are those who foresee it, prepare themselves and adapt to the situation. Entrepreneurship is no different. The world has progressed rapidly especially in the last 50 years and so is the meaning of entrepreneurship. What entrepreneurs think today would be very different from those in 1950s. The concept of entrepreneurship has evolved dramatically over the past two centuries. The key fact remains same that entrepreneurship is on [...]

Dubai Is Leading In Innovation and How You Can Follow suit

Why Dubai Is Leading In Innovation and How You Can Follow Suit

A city that began its developmental journey as a local township has now become an international hub for business and investment. Yes we are talking about Dubai. Often called as “city of the future”, Dubai has achieved this status with a determined mindset, a clear vision by entrepreneurial leadership to achieve international excellence and a constant drive towards innovation. Key Indicator According to Dubai Innovation Index 2018 that is measured by Dubai Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Price water house [...]

Get Good Conduct Certificates for UAE Work Visas from Today

Get Good Conduct Certificates for UAE Work Visas from Today

In a recent announcement by UAE government, employees applying for a job in UAE are required to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’ in order to be eligible for issuance of work permit. UAE Cabinet approved in principle to conduct background security check on foreign workers in October 2017. UAE Coordination Committee approved this resolution in January 2018 stating that it is mandatory for the foreigners who apply for work visa in UAE to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’- whether issued [...]

Why UAE became Major Investment Hub for Indian Businesses

Why UAE became Major Investment Hub for Indian Businesses

UAE continues to be among the fastest growing economies in the world and offers great business opportunities for investors around the globe, particularly India. UAE is considered as major investment hub for Indian businesses and over the past few years’ number of Indian funds into UAE has increased substantially. For India, UAE is quite significant as it provides commercial and logistics gateway for global trade and investment between major continents: Asia, Europe, Africa and Middle East. Promotion of Bilateral Ties at [...]

Why Do You Need Pro Services in Dubai

Why Do You Need Pro Services in Dubai?

Are you looking to setup new business in Dubai? Dubai remains a top investment destination for entrepreneurs worldwide for their company formation or setting an offshore branch. Even though business setup in UAE is quite an ambitious and lucrative task, the process to register your company with government authorities can be an overwhelming process owing to increased number of requirements and formalities accompanied with company registration. You should have accurate information and access to right resources that can save you [...]

Cheapest Offshore Company Setup Package in UAE

Which Region Offers Cheapest Offshore Company Setup Package in UAE?

Offshore company formation in UAE began in early 2013. Since then, UAE has swiftly transpired into most sought after business destination in Middle East region. The flourishing economy has placed the country into being one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing business and International Financial Centers globally. Given the state of the art business infrastructure, investor friendly policies, fast paced work environment and high standard of living; it is of no surprise that many people and international companies are [...]

Construction Firms Should Be Wary Of VAT-Related Cash Flow Issues

Construction firms should be wary of VAT-related cash flow issues

UAE government recently announced to introduce value-added tax (VAT) at the rate of 5%, implementing from January 1, 2018. VAT has also been implemented simultaneously in all GCC countries. Companies in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait having annual revenues of more than $100,000 will register for tax. It is anticipated that at least 95% of companies will conform during initial phase. If you want to know why VAT has been introduced and what will be its implications, [...]

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