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July 2021

Get the Best Services for Business Setup in Dubai Free Zone

The Free Zone sectors of Dubai are comprised of a variety of commercial cities which deal-specific business types. The business setup in Dubai Free Zone is the biggest hurdle for entrepreneurs or foreign investors who want to run their company as quickly as possible. There is one firm that can help you to complete the company formation in Dubai in affordable packages. The KWSME is one of the finest business consultants in Dubai who will offer you the best services [...]

July 2019

UAE residents risk a fine for selling items Online

The government of UAE keeps a strict check on commercial activities that are being carried out in the UAE. Whether it is a multinational company or just a local start-up, firms have to follow rules and maintain compliance with regulation and failure to do so can result into the companies being censured and fined by their respective regulators. E-commerce is growing in the UAE just like in the rest of the world. Life is getting busier by the day and [...]

August 2018

Cost effecting decisions and activities for setup business in Dubai

Cost affecting decisions & activities for setup business in Dubai

Introduction Running a business setup Dubai is a science and it involved taking care of all factors that can affect a business. Those who have experience in running a business know that a business is made up of several different components that need to be taken care of. All these components work together to produce results. Whether it is the quality of the product, the target market or the way the product is produced, everything matters. It is a whole [...]

July 2018

Tax exemption benefits of business in UAE

Tax exemption benefits of business in UAE

Introduction Business is an amalgamation not only of the different operational processes but also of environmental processes which create an atmosphere where businesses thrive. In these processes, an important component is money that the business earns and uses for expenses incurred. It is the remaining amount that is termed as profit and can be used for meeting personal expenses. The more profitable the business looks, the higher the chances of are of it being given an existence by an investor, [...]

Social media influencers business registration in dubai

Secure Your Permit from the NMC as Blogger or Social Media Influencer in UAE

UAE unveils new set of regulations for electronic media. According to guidelines issued by National Media Council on February 28, 2018; any news websites, electronic publishing outlets, on-demand printing and all commercial activities conducted through social media within UAE will need to register and have a license before the end of June. Social media influencers or bloggers (whether individual or institution) who promote brands, businesses and products for cash will also need to get a license from the National Media Council [...]

June 2018

Why do you need a business plan in the UAE before starting business

Why do you need a business plan in the UAE before starting business?

So you have a business idea and you want to transform it into a successful business venture in UAE? You need a sound business plan. Planning your business properly is the first and foremost thing to do while setting up business in UAE. Entrepreneurs should establish goals and objectives of their business; have clear understanding of them and also set the direction that the business needs to follow. Analyzing the risk before entering UAE market, marketing and financial planning as well [...]

May 2018

What is the process for opening a retail shop in Dubai

What is the process for opening a retail shop in Dubai?

United Arab Emirates continues to be the most attractive market in the region for retailers with strong growth opportunities especially in Dubai. According to 2017 A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index, UAE ranks 5th in global retail. Retail sales in UAE exceeded $73 billion in 2016 thus remaining as a firm pillar underpinning economic growth. Dubai is well known as the Middle East’s shopping capital and the same developers who created malls of astounding proportions on the site of Silk Road [...]

Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

Why Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai?

Accounting and bookkeeping is the part and parcel of any successful business. Those who do not acknowledge its significance bear the brunt sooner or later. Especially in UAE, the introduction of VAT has affected the entire tax calculation system and has pushed companies to change the way they operate and conduct business. UAE companies are now more inclined to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services not only to save money but to add value in order to gain more control [...]

Setting up an LLC or sole establishment in the UAE: which is right for you?

Have you ever wondered why Dubai has grown into such a big business hub in the Middle East in such a short span of time? It is not only the investment and facilities provided but also the laws made by the UAE government to regulate all matters in such a way that allowed freedom to people while still preserving the cultural values of the city. With growth of business in Dubai, many new topics of discussion rose to popularity as [...]

April 2018

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