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July 2018

Social media influencers business registration in dubai

Secure Your Permit from the NMC as Blogger or Social Media Influencer in UAE

UAE unveils new set of regulations for electronic media. According to guidelines issued by National Media Council on February 28, 2018; any news websites, electronic publishing outlets, on-demand printing and all commercial activities conducted through social media within UAE will need to register and have a license before the end of June. Social media influencers or bloggers (whether individual or institution) who promote brands, businesses and products for cash will also need to get a license from the National Media Council [...]

8 major changes announced to the UAE Visa rules

8 major changes announced to the UAE Visa rules

Introduction One point that made the UAE stand out when it comes to countries with great business prospects is that the authorities provided a safe environment, where not only the laws were being implemented to maintain a good law and order situation, entry into the UAE was also made easy through the establishment of international airports and travel services which were encouraged by UAE’s visa and entry policies. The authorities have a good understanding of how crucial these things can be [...]

June 2018

Why do you need a business plan in the UAE before starting business

Why do you need a business plan in the UAE before starting business?

So you have a business idea and you want to transform it into a successful business venture in UAE? You need a sound business plan. Planning your business properly is the first and foremost thing to do while setting up business in UAE. Entrepreneurs should establish goals and objectives of their business; have clear understanding of them and also set the direction that the business needs to follow. Analyzing the risk before entering UAE market, marketing and financial planning as well [...]

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