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April 2019

How to setup data networking & switching company in Dubai

There is fun in doing things differently. Where most people would want to own a food, travel and health related business setup in Dubai, you could go for a totally different field, one that needs expertise and knowledge of technology. In short, you could setup your own networking and switching business in the UAE. The development of the country is not only roads and towers, but also the enhancement of technology, whether it is for communication, media manufacturing, or [...]

January 2019

Requirements For Document Attestation In Dubai

Requirements for Document Attestation in Dubai

Entering or expanding businesses in foreign markets can prove to be quite difficult, especially for new business owners. Finding the right location for the business set up, contracting manufacturers and acquiring legal rights to operate a business requires a lot of contacts and knowledge about the global market. Furthermore, there are numerous legal processes, especially for foreigners, in order to gain authorization to operate a business in a foreign country. Moreover, the owners are required to provide documentation that have [...]

December 2018

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for these professionals

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for the professionals

Freelancing is getting popular by the day all around the globe. There are many reasons behind the growth in its popularity. The access to the internet has made freelancing easier than it was before because now there are people who need work to be done in one country and they can find people with sufficient skills in another, all through an online platform where freelancers offer their services. This way, people who need to get things get lower costs [...]

September 2018


UAE is becoming better place for business & residents

The land of the dreams is what many call the United Arab Emirates. Living in the UAE is a blessing. It a land of opportunities and a dream come true for many who are given a reason to believe and hope. If we look at the population of UAE, we will see that UAE is home to one of the world’s highest percentage of immigrants. More than 80% of total population of UAE are expatriates with most of them residing [...]

August 2018

DAFZA Slashes Business Set-Up Cost By Up To 65%

DAFZA Slashes Business Set-Up Cost By Up To 65%

Starting a business in UAE? Dubai Air Port Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) can help you setup. Government of Dubai continues to devise policies for entrepreneurs that enhance efficiency, save time, reduce costs and improve ease of doing business. Therefore, in a recent announcement by Dubai Airport free Zone Authority, business setup cost has been reduced by up to 65% in DAFZA. The reduction in set-up costs was part of DAFZA’s goal to increase the free zone regional competitiveness and boost [...]

Why Dubai Has a Unique Place in the Middle East for Starting a Business

Why Dubai Has a Unique Place in the Middle East for Starting a Business

Over the last three decades, Dubai has become a business and leisure hotspot for people all over the world. There are tremendous business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and every other day we see a new business being setup. Many multinational companies already have their headquarters in Dubai. There is indoor skiing, crystalline water, lavish underwater hotel rooms, exotic supercars that line the streets of Dubai as well as home to largest building on earth; Dubai is a booming metropolis [...]

Cost effecting decisions and activities for setup business in Dubai

Cost affecting decisions & activities for setup business in Dubai

Introduction Running a business setup Dubai is a science and it involved taking care of all factors that can affect a business. Those who have experience in running a business know that a business is made up of several different components that need to be taken care of. All these components work together to produce results. Whether it is the quality of the product, the target market or the way the product is produced, everything matters. It is a whole [...]

July 2018

Rules & regulations to choose a business name in UAE

Rules & regulations to choose a business name in UAE

Your company name is one of the most integral parts of your business as it defines what you do and sets the scene for every interaction you have with your customers. Your business name comes before you, so you must carefully consider its branding, marketing and web implications during your business setup in UAE. Lori Greiner, an American inventor and entrepreneur believes, “Business name should be catchy and memorable. It should help people understand what your business does. If your name [...]

Tax exemption benefits of business in UAE

Tax exemption benefits of business in UAE

Introduction Business is an amalgamation not only of the different operational processes but also of environmental processes which create an atmosphere where businesses thrive. In these processes, an important component is money that the business earns and uses for expenses incurred. It is the remaining amount that is termed as profit and can be used for meeting personal expenses. The more profitable the business looks, the higher the chances of are of it being given an existence by an investor, [...]

Set up your business in UAE in just 15 minutes

Set up your business in UAE in just 15 minutes

Introduction Among the facilities that attracts investors towards new investment opportunities is fast processing of business formation. Time is money and that is why investors focus on getting their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The government in the UAE has paid attention towards this unannounced demand of the investors and has made the licensing process for business setup in UAE even easier than it was before. Providing documents and visiting relevant service centers was thought to be too [...]

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