Incorporation of Dubai Mainland Company

The government of the UAE, in an effort to promote trade and business setup in UAE, has been working on a policy of bringing diversified business setup in Dubai and different legal business entities. The aim was to create an environment where all types of businesses from different industries could not only survive but flourish because of the favorable conditions. Moderate paper work, quick processes and moderate processing fees are part of the incentives provided to the businesses as well.

All those involved in company formation at KWS Middle East know how to maneuver the process of company formation for the company’s clients. Perfect knowledge of documents and processes allow the consultancy to make processes quicker and the company to take a flying start.

Mainland company formation Dubai is one type of company formation that has proved to be fruitful for those who want to own a business setup in Dubai.

Incorporation of Dubai Mainland Company

With the incorporation of Dubai Mainland Company comes freedom for the business owners because the rules and regulations do not put too many limits on the business activities being conducted.

If you want to operate a mainland company in the UAE, the first step is to find a local sponsor. A UAE national is required to a local sponsor for your business by law; however, the local sponsor has to agree to refrain from intervention in the business and profit sharing.

If the owner has a professional license, 100% ownership can remain with the investor however, the local sponsor requirement still holds. The job of the local sponsor will be to act as a figurehead while legal agreements are drafted and business documentation is completed.

Salient Features of a Dubai Mainland Company:

There are certain features that make mainland company Dubai attractive for the investors around the world who look for a business setup in UAE. These features are tax incentives and the freedom to trade. Let’s look at some other features.

  1. Mainland companies are free from the burden of corporate tax completely.
  2. To obtain Dubai Mainland License, there is no capital requirement as per law.
  3. Dubai Mainland Company can be setup without a troublesome process.
  4. There is no mandatory audit requirement.
  5. Obtaining a license for a Mainland company formation Dubai is easy.
  6. The business can be controlled from all parts of the UAE.
  7. There are no legal restrictions on currency being used.
  8. Employment visa can be obtained fairly easily.
  9. Corporate bank account can be opened easily.
  10. 100% repatriation of capital and profit is possible.
  11. The business office can be located anywhere in Dubai.

There are three types of Mainland company formation Dubai that investors can choose from:

Limited Liability Company:

As the name suggests, every stakeholder is liable according to the percentage of the shares he or she holds in the company. The number of partners can be anywhere between the range of 2 to 50.

Professional Mainland Company:

When it comes to professional Mainland companies, the owners retain 100% ownership of the company’s shares. This, however, does not mean that the local sponsor requirement is waived off. The requirement still holds and a professional Mainland company cannot be setup without one.

Branch office:

Investors who are interested in setting up a branch of a pre-established business can use this type of mainland company formation. For the business activities of this branch, however, the business rules and regulations of Dubai will be applied.

Why KWS-ME? How KWS-ME Benefits You in Incorporation of a Mainland Company?

The experience and market knowledge of professionals working at KWSME are two elements that make the consultancy provide first class company formation services to its corporate clients. The knowledge allows for preparation while the experience allows for smooth and trouble free processes.

  1. Documentation and attestations from government offices can be done easily as linkages provide a quicker path to process completion.
  2. The experts at KWSME will guide you about the whole process of mainland company formation. This will allow you to learn how to go about things.
  3. Any legal form can be chosen for the formation of the Mainland Company.
  4. The Department of Economic Development will be approached for a trade license for your company.
  5. Whether it’s the lease agreements or registration with Chamber of Commerce, your burden will shared equally by KWSME.
  6. Memorandum of Association and other required documents will be prepared.
  7. The most suitable local sponsor agent will also be one of our major tasks.
  8. Help will be provided for opening of a corporate bank account for your company.
  9. The business will be supported by KWSME’s support and PRO services that are essential for initial success.
  10. Renewing of licenses, acquiring licenses and formation of company will all be handled by our experts.
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