Is UAE still a tax haven

Is UAE still a tax haven?

Taxation in the UAE has been a point of debate and discussion for almost everyone who wanted or ever thought of operating a business in the UAE. It is a hot topic because it is not available to everyone. Businesses in the UAE have been lucky to have something of this sort around them because it smells of positivity and hope for low costs and higher profits, an investors dream.

Low taxation is the single most famous point that has brought many to the UAE in search of jobs, and for company setup in Dubai. In fact, businesses which are well established in other places were compelled have their branches setup in the UAE for four main reasons:

  1. Expansion to the UAE
  2. Low taxation meant high profits
  3. The market had huge demand
  4. Setup in UAE allows access to Asian markets.

In Europe and Asia, even though opportunities are available for businesses to be setup and profits to be made but the risk is greater because of the costs involved. The political, economic and power dynamics are such that these opportunities are overshadowed and so they do not look as lucrative as the ones in the UAE.

Tax Haven

When we talk about company setup in Dubai, It has often times been discussed in private and public gatherings how the UAE allows businesses to operate without them paying taxes to the government. Let’s clear some basic misunderstandings that exist in the minds of businessmen and investors.

UAE does not require you to pay income tax however, other taxes like the Value added tax need to be paid. This does not still mean that business in the UAE has costs equal to those in other countries. The costs are still low and business setups are still lucrative.

It is extremely important that you learn about corporate taxes in the UAE if you plan on starting your own business. Oil and gas companies, and the bank branches of foreign banks are obligated to pay taxes. Indirect taxation is common in the UAE. These taxes have to be paid by the people in the UAE and no one can escape these since they are mostly embedded in the prices of goods and services. Taxes are collected for services like street lights and garbage collection and other such services.

So UAE is tax haven only for those who are not eligible for business taxes. For those who businesses, they have to pay something to the government as this is a good source of income for the government and will be used for further development of the UAE.

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