Is Dubai TAX Heaven with zero corporate tax?

Dubai Tax heaven

Is Dubai TAX Heaven with zero corporate tax?

For over 30 decades, Dubai has been acting as a business hub for its surrounding regions. Europe, Africa, Russia, Asia and the Middle East have been using Dubai as the transit point for their business dealings and have placed their investments in the UAE. The prime location of Dubai, with access to both land and sea, allows different import and export routes.

Furthermore, UAE has been operating businesses by designating different regions for different purposes. For example, Free zones allow new business set ups to create foreign business activity through import and export of goods with regions outside of the UAE. Similarly, mainland regions are allowed to operate businesses that can create business deals both within and outside of the UAE.

Zero corporate tax in Dubai

Corporate tax is the tax imposed, by the government, on the income generated by corporation, to this end you can call Dubai tax heaven. The concept of Dubai tax heaven is the biggest reason investors are interested in setting up businesses in the UAE is due to the low or zero tax rates. Furthermore, setting up organizations is inexpensive and the process of the actual set up has been made easier. This further attracts the attention of the investors and entrepreneurs. The profits, interests and any other kind of revenue generated by an offshore company in Dubai is not taxed by the government in UAE.

With strict regulations and policies of business operations, Dubai has been maintaining its status as a reputable business hub for years. The regulations are observed tightly without allowing any leeway for illegal practices in the markets that may allow rule bending.

Furthermore, the UAE government is tying up loose ends that may allow businesses to operate without paying the required taxes. Policies such as VAT Registration In UAE have been introduced starting 1st January in 2018, in the UAE. Policies like VAT Registration In UAE implement taxes on products that are being manufactured or supplied in the designated zones listed by the Cabinet Decision.

Contrary to popular belief there are taxes imposed on the businesses and individuals residing in the UAE. International banks and firms related to energy sourcing have taxes imposed at the federal level.

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Due to the constantly arising opportunities for businesses and the increase in the flow of foreign investors, company formation in Dubai is growing throughout the whole of UAE. As company formation in Dubai grew, the foreign businesses have brought new market trends and competition in to the already established markets causing a continuous frenzy. Technological growth in the UAE is also contributing to the growth of business in Dubai that are creating demand and supplying to meet that demand of new products and services.

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