Dubai South Free Zone (Dubai World Center)

Districts of Dubai South

A city like Dubai was bound to be working towards even better business facilities and an ever improving business environment. The business hub of the Middle East has its influence in the way things are done and the culture that is developing around it. The desert-turned business city has long been the center of attention of all those who wanted to make a fortune out of the opportunities that were made available.

The Dubai South Free Zone, also known as the Dubai World Center, is an example of one of the provisions made available for the investors coming into Dubai with great ambitions. Perfect logistic support by ancillary firms and other business support services have contributed to the success of Dubai World Center too. Facilities like an airport, aviation district, commercial district and exhibition district have been created to provide businessmen with a world class experience.

Zone Business Park

The free zone park allows businesses to take advantages of the premium facilities for a long time. The park allows investors to operate businesses without taxes, ownership of business can be kept completely by the investor and leasing office space is easier than it ever was before. For every business setup Dubai, this is the perfect place to come to. Businesses need smart and quick solutions to their problems and that is what this zone has been built to do.

Aviation District

The aviation district in the Dubai South has been established to allow aviation industries flourish and succeed in providing products and services to the people of UAE. From manufacturing to training, the district encourages all activities regarding aviation. Every business center Dubai can take advantage of these facilities if using these services are feasible to them.

Logistics District

Logistics is perhaps the most important service for any business because that is how the supply comes in and the product goes out. Your business network is strongly supported by logistics services and that is why you need them. The logistics services for Dubai free zone companies to use are a class apart and contribute to the success of your business.

Advantages & offers by Dubai South Free Zone offers

  • The free zone allows you to fully own your business setup Dubai.
  • The Dubai free zone companies can operate without corporate or income taxes.
  • All business activities are supported by the infrastructure developed in the free zone to assist businesses with growth and development.
  • Land leasing options are available easily.
  • Offices spaces of different sizes are available in the free zone for the businesses to acquire and use.
  • A non-bonded or a free zone company can be started in the Dubai South Free zone.
  • A sea port and international airport make the free zone attractive due to the ease with which products can come in and fly out.

What you need to start business in Dubai South

The first thing required is a business license for Dubai South and a registered free zone company. It takes almost 2 weeks for approvals from the free department before a free zone company can be incorporated. The licensing authority is Dubai South Company Registrar, and he is responsible for collecting the fees for free zone company incorporation for this part Dubai.

Once approval for the company is acquired, you will get these documents:

  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Each shareholder’s shareholding certificate
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Article of Incorporation of the company
  • Certificate of registration is issued to Branch Offices

Business licensing in Dubai South (DWC)

There are a number of licenses that are available for businesses to acquire before they start operating in the Dubai South Free Zone.

The trade license, as the name suggests, allows for businesses to perform business activities like retailing, storing and distributing products. The Professional license allows for the businesses to provide specialized services to its clients. Including the industrial license that allows manufacturing to the list gives us three licenses available for all free zones.

However, the logistics license and education license are two types that are not available in all free zones. As the names suggest, the logistics license allows businesses to store, manage and transport products outside the UAE. The education license on the other hand, allows for an educational institute to function in the Dubai South region.

Leasing options for Businesses

Whether it is an office space, a piece of land, a warehouse or any other place that can be used for business activities, the government and authorities allow for businesses to lease these places easily. A leasing agreement is issued to businesses after the process of business center Dubai incorporation is complete.

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