Dubai Media City Free Zone

If creativity is your cup of tea then Dubai Media City Free Zone is where you want to go. DMC is perhaps the most creative undertaking ever. Dubai Media City was formally established in 2001 with an aim to create the most inspiring and refreshing environment for media companies to operate in. Dubai Media City is constantly expanding the horizons of human ingenuity and inventiveness. DMC has well over 2,000 global and regional media players who are taking their initiatives to a whole new level in an atmosphere that promotes and supports creative growth in the fields of marketing, advertisement, and media-related activities.

World-renowned media houses, advertisement companies, international news outlets and publishing houses have opened up their offices in DMC.  The presence CNBC, CNN, Sony and many others is a living, breathing testimony to the most electrifying environment provided by this very creative place called Dubai Media City Free Zone.

Company Incorporation in DMC

The governing body responsible for issuing licenses and regulating the most creative and exciting environment that media companies can find anywhere on the face of this earth is called Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA).  Licenses issued by DTMFZA are subjected to annual renewal.

DTMFZA wants to ensure that companies operating in DMC get a fair competitive level-playing field. Companies are allowed to make mergers and acquisitions, if such a provision is mentioned on the license issued to them. Plus, if any change is required to made, the concerning body a company should get in touch with is DTMFZA.

Salient Features of DMCFZ Company

  • Tax-free environment; DMC has proclaimed strict adherence to this provision for the next 50 years
  • Exemption from 51% local ownership rule; full ownership is allowed to foreign investors
  • No taxes on corporate gains
  • Repatriation of earnings
  • Incorporation of company in DMC is prompt
  • Easy access to nonstop residence and work permits
  • A world-class infrastructure for media companies to operate in

Classification of Companies in DMCFZ

  • Branch office of a foreign company
  • Freelance Permits
  • FZLLC – Free Zone Limited Liability Company

Incorporation of a FZLLC – Free Zone Limited Liability Company

The necessary steps for incorporating a Free Zone LLC include:

  • Submission of filled-up application form for the formation of an LLC in DMCFZ
  • Customer Confirmation Letter will be issued by DTMFZA once you have fulfilled all the necessary documentary requirements
  • The Customer Confirmation Letter must be signed and submitted back with the DTMFZA with the required fees
  • Property lease contract must also be submitted if it is available or required

Branch office

The process of incorporating a branch office in DMC is easy and prompt and is considered to be an extension of its parent company.


A license even for a freelance work is mandatory for carrying out any freelance business activity anywhere in DMC. The person wanting to go on a freelance binge will have to go through the legal procedures, which includes submitting the application form in conjunction with other documentary requirements.

Documentary Requirements for Incorporation of a Company in DMC

The documentary requirements for a single shareholder are:

  • Passport copy of the shareholder, manager, and director of the company
  • Submission of application form along with other documentary requirements attached
  • Submission of business plan is also mandatory
  • Information about the legal representative


The documentary requirements for a corporate shareholding company are

  • Passport copy of the shareholders, manager, and director of the company
  • Submission of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Submission of business plan is also mandatory
  • Information about the legal representative

Amenities Available At DMC

  • A world class infrastructure for media companies
  • Lax tax environment
  • Business Centers
  • Availability of pre-designed or customized Commercial Offices
  • First-rate spacious parking systems
  • Property for buying
  • Boutique Villas
  • DMC Media Business Center

Business Centers

Business centers in DMC offer a range of services to businesses in DMC. Basically, business centers give meeting room facilities, spacious office rooms, conference halls, and dedicated personnel for handling different administrative tasks.

DMC Media Business Centre

For the promotion and advancement of the cause of businesses in DMC, Media Business Center offers some of the best predesigned facilities you can imagine. Even a freelance business can also proffer from such services.

Commercial Offices

The availability of world-class predesigned and customized office spaces is made very easy in the DMC. A huge variety of such office spaces is available to meet your needs.

Car Parking System

A fully developed and well-integrated car parking system is installed in DMC.

Dubai Media City Properties

DMC offers property for sale to its businesses which can be used for all kinds of purposes and are strategically located to give maximum benefits to the buyers.

Boutique Villas at DMC

Every amenity under the sun is provided to people in Boutique Villas at DMC.

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