Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for the professionals

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for these professionals

Dubai introduces new freelance work permits for the professionals

Freelancing is getting popular by the day all around the globe. There are many reasons behind the growth in its popularity. The access to the internet has made freelancing easier than it was before because now there are people who need work to be done in one country and they can find people with sufficient skills in another, all through an online platform where freelancers offer their services. This way, people who need to get things get lower costs and the service providers earn money.

Many people have been able to make it their “profession” by doing just enough that helps them to pay for their bills and for the rest of their expenses.

  1. They do not need to do a 9 hour shift at an office where they have to listen to their seniors.
  2. Freelancing is one thing that allows freedom and people actually cherish this freedom.
  3. You can reject a task that you do not want to work on and get the kind of work that you enjoy.
  4. The hours are flexible so you can work at the time of your choosing without having to answer any one.
  5. In some places, freelance work is not even taxable which means that you keep what you earn.

These are some of the advantages that freelancers have.

Freelance work in UAE

Freelance work is getting popular in the UAE too. Not every business setup in Dubai can afford to hire professional service providers because of the high costs attached to their services. It is for this reason that the demand for freelance workers has grown and so people are finding freelancing attractive since it does pay well enough for them to meet their expenses. The UAE government has introduced freelance work permits to support the growth so every business setup in Dubai can make use of freelancers. There is nothing in the UAE that goes without being recorded.

People who want to live in the UAE and do freelance work, will need to get registered and obtain freelance work permit from the authorities. This allows the government to have a record of what you are doing and what income is earned by the country as a whole.

How to get a freelance permit

Let’s look at the documents required to obtain a freelance permit

  1. Provide your Resume/CV
  2. Provide your Passport /visa copy
  3. Provide your bank reference letter
  4. Submit your sponsor’s NOC (if applying for a permit without visa)
  5. Submit your portfolio or sample of work (media sector only)
  6. Show credentials and certificates (education sector only)

Get all the help you need

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