February 2020

How to Setup a Tourism Business in Fujairah FZ?

The UAE is becoming a popular destination for visitors day by day. On average the number of tourists visiting the country is nearly 16 million. It is estimated that these numbers will reach 20 million by 2020, making setting up a travel and tourism business in the UAE a fantastic decision an aspiring entrepreneur could make. One of the prime places for tourists at the moment is Fujairah! The Emirate of Fujairah is gaining recognition in the world due to its [...]

January 2020

Business ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in Dubai to start their own Business in 2020

For more than a decade, business in Dubai is flourishing and expanding by leaps and bounds.  Dubai has rapidly achieved its position as the global city that is the first choice of entrepreneurs for launching their dream business. But more than a few people -especially of the Western hemisphere can not help but wonder about the fate of women in the country. As the UAE is a country that predominately is of Arabic ethnicity and thus is Muslim. That [...]

October 2019

How to get an E-commerce License in the UAE?

Some years back, everyone used to buy offline. Now, growing technology made it possible to shop online and drastically increase the share of online purchases. But even until several years back, to have an online shop one had to spend sufficient funds and even more time on their infrastructure development and then in the course of a year, the whole business setup process takes place. But it was like that until recently. Today you have an unlimited number of opportunities [...]

September 2019

9 Reasons to Start a Tourism Business in Dubai

Promoting tourism business is one of the best ways to boost the economy of a country and governments pay special attention to this sector. In the UAE, the tourism industry is being developed because the government knows how it can take advantage of the incoming traffic, and attract them towards services of tourism business in UAE. Below are some of the biggest reasons why a tourism business can flourish in the UAE. 1. Central Location: Dubai is an international business and travel [...]

November 2018

Start your interior designing business in Dubai

Start your interior designing business in Dubai

If you have a business idea that you think is practical and that you can manage it, there is nothing that should stop you from giving it a physical existence. The environment of the UAE encourages you to use your ideas and talent and provide the market with products and services that are unique. The purchasing power of the people is high and the market is developing so high demand is seen for different kinds of products and services [...]

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