Offshore Company Formation

April 2018

Difference between taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

Difference between (VAT) taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

All the development that has taken place in Dubai has cost the government billions of dollars. From 6 lane roads to well-planned and well-built districts, tax money has been used efficiently to create one of the best business cities in the world. Different tax laws are followed all around the world. These tax laws are designed according to the prevailing conditions and area specific factors. Factors such as area size, size of population, income and wealth of the population and [...]

March 2018

Cheapest Offshore Company Setup Package in UAE

Which Region Offers Cheapest Offshore Company Setup Package in UAE?

Offshore company formation in UAE began in early 2013. Since then, UAE has swiftly transpired into most sought after business destination in Middle East region. The flourishing economy has placed the country into being one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing business and International Financial Centers globally. Given the state of the art business infrastructure, investor friendly policies, fast paced work environment and high standard of living; it is of no surprise that many people and international companies are [...]

How to Become an Entrepreneur in Dubai

How to Become an Entrepreneur in Dubai

Dubai is amongst the best place in the world to start a business. It attracts entrepreneurs from around the globe because of its central location that ensures year around traffic from East and West. Renowned multi-national companies come to Dubai in order to expand their business for operating in Middle East and African region with the help of world class infrastructure and communications network of Dubai as well as constructive environment provided by its government which assists business develop [...]

February 2018

Dubai Company Formation Guide

Dubai Company Formation Guide

With a diverse population, flourishing economy and a business environment that offers numerous benefits for new business startups; Dubai has become a top investment destination for investors looking to setup their business in Middle East region. Many multinational companies have setup their regional base in Dubai and cater the needs of high growth markets of Asia, Africa and Middle East. Dubai is the second largest emirate and commercial capital of UAE. In the past four decades, the city has put [...]

January 2018

Why businesses need a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai

Why businesses need a local sponsor to start a business in Dubai?

Let’s admit it, setting up your own business is a quite a challenging task. Even more difficult is to setup your business on a foreign territory; about which you have no idea such as their government regulations, economy, business structure, policies, local culture etc. These added complications make your task a bit of a minefield. Surprisingly, these hazards do not put a foreign entrepreneur off when it comes to setup their business in Dubai. Why? Because Dubai has made [...]

October 2017


Why Dubai Attracts Business Leaders for Offshore Model?

Formation of an offshore company refers to relocation of your existing business overseas. Dubai offshore company formation means to follow a course of action in order to legally establish an offshore company in Dubai with the purpose to conduct business internationally. It is commonly known as Dubai International Business Company or Dubai IBC, a registered and tax free company that is especially formulated in Dubai economic zone i.e. Jebel Ali free zone under United Arab Emirates Law and Dubai [...]

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