Mainland Company Formation

February 2021

Everything You Need to Know About the Trading Industry

Since its inception, UAE has been a trading hub. Therefore, investment in the trading industry of UAE is one of the safest for foreign opportunists. Dubai is strategically centred at a prime location with access to 8 billion people in a matter of hours. Due to its benefits, traders from nearby countries have set up stations for banking and business in the UAE. Dubai also offers added advantages such as zero currency and foreign exchange restrictions. UAE market mainly [...]

September 2020

The Ultimate Guide on Retail Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is a popular shopping destination, and to say that shopping malls are what made Dubai into the top tourist spot of the world would not be far off. The retail and shopping industry of the UAE is the backbone of its economy. The retail sector of Dubai has proven to be a thriving industry contributing around 22.85% to the GDP of the UAE. Because of this, it is witnessing a rapid transformation as the customers become more conscious regarding [...]

May 2020

Three Reasons to Shift Your Company Setup to Dubai Mainland

Easy company formation, hundred percent foreign ownership, zero percent taxes, and other such excellent perks are proven to draw hordes of seasoned business owners and budding entrepreneurs to the shores of the UAE Free Zones. Why, then, do so many investors each year swap the safety of a free trade zone for the uncertainty on the Dubai Mainland? Put simply; this is a logical progression of a successful business. Right off the bat, setting up a business in one of the UAE’s [...]

September 2019

How to open a travel agency on the UAE mainland in ten easy steps

Are you ready to open your own travel agency in the UAE mainland? Our following guide will help you for in kick starting your business setup in Dubai. 1- Choose your business activity The first step would be to decide which kind of travel activity you want to undertake. In Dubai, there are 3 types of travel agency licenses issued by the authorities. They are, As a travel agent An Inbound tour operator An Outbound tour operator 2- Decide the legal structure that fits your business [...]

May 2019

Some successful startups idea which are working in Dubai

Dubai is the land of opportunities that is why people have succeeded when they have made an effort to introduce a new idea. The city which house people and businesses from all around the world has provided startups with the ideal environment, where everyone has a different set of needs and wants. These sets are what startups have been able to identify and provide products according to. The flexibility of startups to match customer moods and market trends has [...]

What You Need To Know About UAE Employment Laws On The Mainland

Businesses in the UAE have all types of opportunities to exploit. The country is full of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen. With business opportunities in UAE come responsibilities and as a business owner, you have to certain obligations towards your employees that include responsibilities related to working hours, safety, and meeting their end of service requirements. The UAE has a long list of laws related to employees. It is important that you understand and implement what UAE labour [...]

November 2018

What are the growing sectors to target with your new UAE business

What are the growing sectors to target with your new UAE business?

The UAE has witnessed dramatic growth in industry over the past 15 years and has established itself as a global industry hub. UAE economy is going strong as ever and World Bank analysts have forecast 2% real GDP growth for UAE in 2018 which will jump to 3% in 2019 and 3.2% in 2020. This has been achieved due to the country’s reputation of being a fertile ground for company formation Dubai, progressive-minded government, higher infrastructure spending, business-friendly reforms and [...]

May 2018

Setting up an LLC or sole establishment in the UAE: which is right for you?

Have you ever wondered why Dubai has grown into such a big business hub in the Middle East in such a short span of time? It is not only the investment and facilities provided but also the laws made by the UAE government to regulate all matters in such a way that allowed freedom to people while still preserving the cultural values of the city. With growth of business in Dubai, many new topics of discussion rose to popularity as [...]

April 2018

Difference between taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

Difference between (VAT) taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

All the development that has taken place in Dubai has cost the government billions of dollars. From 6 lane roads to well-planned and well-built districts, tax money has been used efficiently to create one of the best business cities in the world. Different tax laws are followed all around the world. These tax laws are designed according to the prevailing conditions and area specific factors. Factors such as area size, size of population, income and wealth of the population and [...]

October 2017


Top 10 Benefits of Business in Mainland Dubai

Mainland Company in Dubai is an onshore company which can carry out its business activities in the local market of Dubai, in any other areas of United Arab Emirates and outside UAE. There is no restriction on the scope of its business in case of commercial and professional licenses. The formation of Mainland Company in Dubai requires a local sponsor who is UAE national. So the general shareholding pattern of Dubai Mainland Company is, UAE national Sponsor – 51% Foreign Shareholder [...]

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