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May 2020

UAE’s IT Sector Growing at an Astonishing Pace

The UAE has long since carved its name among the technological hubs of the world. It has always been a global leader when it comes to embracing technological advancements and innovation. Last year alone, the UAE has claimed the title for a third consecutive year of the country that has the highest Fibre to The Home (FTTH) penetration. This advancement in technology has allowed the country to bring futuristic, innovative technologies to its citizens, and has thus transformed it [...]

February 2020

RAK Launches Business Packages for Women Entrepreneurs

Ras Al Khaimah is the northernmost Emirate of the UAE. It comprises an area of 2,486 RAK, as it is commonly referred to, is turning into one of the prominent investment hubs in the UAE. It provides tailored solutions to business owners and entrepreneurs. On Emirati Women’s Day, Ras Al Khaimah announced the launch of business packages exclusively designed for women entrepreneurs. Thus, boosting the participation of women in business. So, if you are itching to start your own successful [...]

April 2019

How to setup data networking & switching company in Dubai

There is fun in doing things differently. Where most people would want to own a food, travel and health related business setup in Dubai, you could go for a totally different field, one that needs expertise and knowledge of technology. In short, you could setup your own networking and switching business in the UAE. The development of the country is not only roads and towers, but also the enhancement of technology, whether it is for communication, media manufacturing, or [...]

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