Free Zone Company Formation

November 2019


The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Your Own Business in Dubai

There has never been a better time to start a business in Dubai than it is right at this moment. Not a fortnight goes by in which a new ambitious project is announced either by the UAE government or by influential magnates or by a foreign commodity which increases UAE’s economic growth making it worthwhile to jump on this particular bandwagon. According to IMF, UAE is said to lead the Middle East in terms of economic growth surpassing Saudi Arabia- [...]

September 2019

UAE free zones – the perfect place for your business

The opulence that exists here in UAE, the wealth, the money, the fancy cars, the fancy houses, the five, six and seven star hotels. A lot of people around the globe wonder what’s going on here and wonder how this place got so successful. Well, one of the reasons the UAE got successful and worldwide recognition is because of its immense business opportunities and ease of doing business. UAE free zones play a huge role in driving UAE’s economy. The business [...]

August 2018

DAFZA Slashes Business Set-Up Cost By Up To 65%

DAFZA Slashes Business Set-Up Cost By Up To 65%

Starting a business in UAE? Dubai Air Port Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) can help you setup. Government of Dubai continues to devise policies for entrepreneurs that enhance efficiency, save time, reduce costs and improve ease of doing business. Therefore, in a recent announcement by Dubai Airport free Zone Authority, business setup cost has been reduced by up to 65% in DAFZA. The reduction in set-up costs was part of DAFZA’s goal to increase the free zone regional competitiveness and boost [...]

July 2018

Rules & regulations to choose a business name in UAE

Rules & regulations to choose a business name in UAE

Your company name is one of the most integral parts of your business as it defines what you do and sets the scene for every interaction you have with your customers. Your business name comes before you, so you must carefully consider its branding, marketing and web implications during your business setup in UAE. Lori Greiner, an American inventor and entrepreneur believes, “Business name should be catchy and memorable. It should help people understand what your business does. If your name [...]

JAFZA sign cooperation deals with GDRFA to simplify visa procedure

JAFZA sign cooperation deals with GDRFA to simplify visa procedure

Visa processes is one of those things that make people collect documents and take out time to complete. It’s these processes that the business world has to see every day when businessmen and investors are trying to cut a deal with people on the other side of the border or at a distance of a whole continent. The UAE government has realized that what is required is quick visa processing to further improve the business environment in the UAE. [...]

June 2018

UAE’s changing foreign ownership laws could threaten free zones

UAE game changing investment law promises a new dawn for foreign investors and residents but is it beneficial for UAE free zones? Let’s explore this here. In a recent announcement by UAE Cabinet, they are drafting a law which will allow 100% ownership to foreign investors in some specific onshore business sectors and a 10-year residency visas will be made available for specialist workers in the fields such as technology and academia. This means that foreign investors can setup business [...]

UAE to allow 100% ownership to foreign investors

UAE to allow 100% ownership to foreign investors

Introduction While many of the businesses in free zones in Dubai might have been allowed to operate under full ownership of foreign investors, the ownership of 51% shares by a local sponsor is a necessary requirement for a business setup in UAE to operate within the boundaries of the emirates. The local sponsor requirement has to be fulfilled in order for foreigners to run their businesses in Dubai. They spend a good time finding a suitable local sponsor for their business [...]

May 2018

What is the process for opening a retail shop in Dubai

What is the process for opening a retail shop in Dubai?

United Arab Emirates continues to be the most attractive market in the region for retailers with strong growth opportunities especially in Dubai. According to 2017 A.T. Kearney Global Retail Development Index, UAE ranks 5th in global retail. Retail sales in UAE exceeded $73 billion in 2016 thus remaining as a firm pillar underpinning economic growth. Dubai is well known as the Middle East’s shopping capital and the same developers who created malls of astounding proportions on the site of Silk Road [...]

Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai

Why Outsource Accounting & Bookkeeping Services In Dubai?

Accounting and bookkeeping is the part and parcel of any successful business. Those who do not acknowledge its significance bear the brunt sooner or later. Especially in UAE, the introduction of VAT has affected the entire tax calculation system and has pushed companies to change the way they operate and conduct business. UAE companies are now more inclined to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping services not only to save money but to add value in order to gain more control [...]

April 2018

Difference between taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

Difference between (VAT) taxes in Dubai and other regions in the UAE

All the development that has taken place in Dubai has cost the government billions of dollars. From 6 lane roads to well-planned and well-built districts, tax money has been used efficiently to create one of the best business cities in the world. Different tax laws are followed all around the world. These tax laws are designed according to the prevailing conditions and area specific factors. Factors such as area size, size of population, income and wealth of the population and [...]

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