Dubai Media City

June 2020

How is DMCC Free Zone Plans to Keep on Supporting Businesses through COVID-19?

All the countries around the world are doing everything in their power to protect their citizens from the Coronavirus. The governing authorities are implementing health policies to counteract the more damaging effects of this virus. Moreover, they have put into action financial aid programs and other fiscal measures to respond to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. This Coronavirus outbreak has brought the massive billion-dollar business industry of not only the UAE but also of the entire world [...]

August 2018

Why Dubai Has a Unique Place in the Middle East for Starting a Business

Why Dubai Has a Unique Place in the Middle East for Starting a Business

Over the last three decades, Dubai has become a business and leisure hotspot for people all over the world. There are tremendous business opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and every other day we see a new business being setup. Many multinational companies already have their headquarters in Dubai. There is indoor skiing, crystalline water, lavish underwater hotel rooms, exotic supercars that line the streets of Dubai as well as home to largest building on earth; Dubai is a booming metropolis [...]

March 2018

Dubai Is Leading In Innovation and How You Can Follow suit

Why Dubai Is Leading In Innovation and How You Can Follow Suit

A city that began its developmental journey as a local township has now become an international hub for business and investment. Yes we are talking about Dubai. Often called as “city of the future”, Dubai has achieved this status with a determined mindset, a clear vision by entrepreneurial leadership to achieve international excellence and a constant drive towards innovation. Key Indicator According to Dubai Innovation Index 2018 that is measured by Dubai Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with Price water house [...]

Get Good Conduct Certificates for UAE Work Visas from Today

Get Good Conduct Certificates for UAE Work Visas from Today

In a recent announcement by UAE government, employees applying for a job in UAE are required to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’ in order to be eligible for issuance of work permit. UAE Cabinet approved in principle to conduct background security check on foreign workers in October 2017. UAE Coordination Committee approved this resolution in January 2018 stating that it is mandatory for the foreigners who apply for work visa in UAE to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’- whether issued [...]

How to Become an Entrepreneur in Dubai

How to Become an Entrepreneur in Dubai

Dubai is amongst the best place in the world to start a business. It attracts entrepreneurs from around the globe because of its central location that ensures year around traffic from East and West. Renowned multi-national companies come to Dubai in order to expand their business for operating in Middle East and African region with the help of world class infrastructure and communications network of Dubai as well as constructive environment provided by its government which assists business develop [...]

February 2018

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

What is Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA)? How to start your business there?

Dubai creative cluster Authority: DCCA, a regulatory and authority came in existence under the supervision of Sheikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, and Ahmad Bin Byat as Director General, was formerly known as the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA), provides a standard set of rules and regulation to establish business in Dubai free zone. An opportunity for the individuals as well as for the foreign parties to invest in a region most [...]

September 2017

How to Setup a Business in Dubai Media City Free Zone

Dubai Media City (DMC) is a free zone in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates established in January 2001. The purpose for its creation was to strengthen Dubai’s media footing and to make it region’s media hub. Dubai Media City has opened its doors for people with creative minds. Currently, DMC comprises of more than 2000 regional as well as international media companies with over 20,000 employees working for them. These companies enjoy benefits of the free zone which includes [...]

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