Company Formation Dubai

June 2019

Why Dubai South is in Demand for company formation

Dubai South is a city that’s not really a city but a new way of living. It doesn’t just honor the humanity, it enhances it. The place is not centered on cars or buildings or egos or banks but “human beings” who want to live, work, invest and play together with their families, neighbors and friends. Dubai South aims to become world’s happiest city; a city reinvented around its people needs, an oasis of connection and a breath of fresh [...]

May 2019

What You Need To Know About UAE Employment Laws On The Mainland

Businesses in the UAE have all types of opportunities to exploit. The country is full of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and businessmen. With business opportunities in UAE come responsibilities and as a business owner, you have to certain obligations towards your employees that include responsibilities related to working hours, safety, and meeting their end of service requirements. The UAE has a long list of laws related to employees. It is important that you understand and implement what UAE labour [...]

April 2019

How to setup data networking & switching company in Dubai

There is fun in doing things differently. Where most people would want to own a food, travel and health related business setup in Dubai, you could go for a totally different field, one that needs expertise and knowledge of technology. In short, you could setup your own networking and switching business in the UAE. The development of the country is not only roads and towers, but also the enhancement of technology, whether it is for communication, media manufacturing, or [...]

What is e-commerce business activity ( all about Online portals)

E-commerce, or electronic commerce is the business activity which includes buying and selling of products or services through an electronic medium. In the modern day, it is not necessary for the business to have a physical store in order to provide their customers with good and service, because e-commerce has provided new business opportunities in UAE. a. After the number of e-commerce users grew, Amazon and E-bay started using e-commerce for retail purposes. Thus, the electronic medium started being used [...]

Rules & regulations for facility management services company formation in dubai

Over the recent years, the government of UAE has been working on strengthening the different laws related to business operations. These laws are to ensure the safety of the service providers and also the customers. The government has been tightening the laws to eliminate loopholes in the business operating regulations. For example, a restaurant needs to acquire a food license before it can start operating in the market. These restaurants also need to go through routine checks which determine whether the [...]

7 Business Benefits of Corporate Sponsorship in 2019

In our experience of dealing with numerous entrepreneurs, we have observed that many foreign investors find the concept of engaging a local sponsor and giving 51% share of their company a rather daunting experience. They prefer corporate sponsorship in order to give themselves a complete peace of mind.Corporate sponsorship is less risky as it is unambiguous from start to finish. If an entrepreneur looking for business setup in Dubai opts for corporate sponsorship, he is given the support of [...]

Five reasons why you should invest in alternative assets in the UAE

The development in the UAE is the result of years of investment that has come to the UAE in one form or the other. Investors from around the world saw business opportunities in UAE to earn rewards and profits. These business opportunities in UAE were bigger than ever and the investment resulted in the influx of labor and capital. Today, there are many options when it comes to investing in the UAE, thanks to the initial investment and business opportunities [...]

March 2019

New Investment law in UAE, which allows 100% ownership to foreign investors

New Investment law in UAE, which allows 100% ownership to foreign investors

For the past few decades, UAE has been actively participating in business setup in Dubai deals as an official business hub. Middle East, Russia, Asia, Europe and Africa have been using Dubai as an official transit point. Due to this, UAE has always been establishing their laws to provide convenience to the investors. By upgrading their regulations that allow investors to create business activity, UAE maintains its status as one of the most important business hubs. As the government recognized [...]

A few traits that all entrepreneurs should own in order to be successful

A few traits that all entrepreneurs should own in order to be successful

Business landscape in UAE is thriving. There is a real push to attract the best from all over the world and provide them a platform to go for business setup in Dubai. According to FDI Dubai, Foreign direct investment (FDI) flows rose to $4.84 billion in first half of 2018 for Dubai, up 26% year-on-year. This active investment shows confidence of global entrepreneurs in Dubai which is backed by government diversification efforts, relaxed regulations and lowered cost of doing [...]

February 2019

Tips to avoid tax penalties in UAE

Tips to avoid tax penalties in UAE

Due to its prime location that connects Europe, Africa, Asia, Russia and the Middle East, Dubai is one of the world’s biggest business hubs. In addition, UAE is slowly developing other cities such as Abu Dhabi into a similar business hub as well, that will further fuel economic growth. The country also has several free zones and mainland regions set up throughout the UAE to create even more economic activity and generate growth that is planned. The implementation of [...]

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