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KWS ME is offering attestation of documents from the Ministry of Foreign affairs & Ministry of Justice, Documents attestation for Chamber of Commerce
New employment visa services: procurement, processing, renewals, Immigration cards, Employee Cards All kinds of notarization & attestation services in Dubai, UAE.

December 2020

Your Ultimate Guide To Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai UAE

Do you own a Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai UAE? Contemporary businesses are not confined by borders anymore, the business sector has become privy to global outreach. An increase in cross-culture business activities offers diverse gains and allows for enriching trade relations on an international scale. However, there’s a downside to becoming a universal marketer, you get taxed in different jurisdictions. As the total income is the revenue from independent countries, each state is inclined to tax the income [...]

July 2020

How can an Indian Citizen open A bank account in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates has a prosperous and flourishing economy. It has fashioned itself as a leading cosmopolitan hub of the world. Its superior infrastructure, strategic location, availability of skilled human resources, and continuous and endless support from the UAE government draw investors from all around the globe.  In recent times Indian citizens have started investing heavily in the UAE marketplace. Almost fifty percent of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners currently working in Dubai are of Indian descent or [...]

January 2020

Five ways your company can benefit from outsourcing PRO services

The UAE is, without any doubt, one of the world’s most attractive places to start a business, but the paperwork involved can be intimidating even for serial entrepreneurs. Big companies that have ample cash at their disposal tend to employ Public Relations Officers (PROs) to handle the complicated governmental paperwork– but they are not exactly affordable. An appealing alternative for entrepreneurs that proves to be both cost-effective and stress-free is to outsource PRO services to a local specialist who knows the [...]

March 2019

Time Management for Successful Women Entrepreneurs in UAE

Time Management for Successful Women Entrepreneurs in UAE

Time management for businesses is important to keep the operating systems to run smoothly. A delay in one task can disturb the flow of operations. For example, a delay in the purchasing parts to form a product will slow down the process of manufacturing. This leads to the complete outcome of the business to slow down. In case of entrepreneurs, time management is an even bigger stress. This because the complete responsibility of business operations falls down on their shoulders. [...]

What are the requirements for a 10 years residence visa in UAE

What are the requirements for a 10 years residence visa in the UAE

In our previous articles, we informed you about new UAE regulation under which UAE will issue 10-year visas for professionals in various fields. The main objective of this long-term visa system in the UAE is to present an ideal place to investors for their business setup in UAE. Read More: New UAE Laws Mean a Big Boost for Business Now we have received a recent update from Dubai Media Office about who qualifies and what are the requirements to obtain 10 [...]

October 2018

How to register & launch new cosmetic product in UAE

How to register & launch new cosmetic product in UAE

New products are being in the markets of the UAE more frequently than ever. The market has opened up since there the trends brought by globalization have allowed for innovation and acceptance of new ideas and methods of production and servicing. The influx of investment in form of business setup in Dubai has also helped the UAE come a long way. The towers that have been erected over the years are providing not only employment, products and services but are [...]

April 2018


Scope of Pro Services in the UAE & How KWSME Pro Services are beneficial for your company

Businesses cannot simply run on capital and man power. They require services coming from other organizations as well. The business rule book allows for businesses to use services to save time and money when they have the opportunity. Use of different services by different businesses is common all over the world. The most common example is that of banking services. Every business requires an account where the transactions leave the business’ profit. Other services that a business may pay the [...]

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