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July 2021

KWSME Helps Foreign Investors for Company Registration in Dubai

Dubai has now become a global business wonder and attracting countless foreign investors to set up their companies in one of the best cities in the world. KWSME is the professional business consultancy team in Dubai that can help fresh foreign starters to provide the best assistance for completing their requirements. The major requirement for any foreign entrepreneur or investor is the company registration in Dubai. Some steps are mandatory for any foreign investor to complete to finalize their company [...]

December 2020

Find the Perfect Office Space in Dubai

With every passing day as more and more businesses opt to start their operations in Dubai thanks to the government’s policies that are conducive to company formation. Besides that, the government of the UAE has set up various industry-specific free zones to attract international investors to the shores of the UAE. Due to the high demand for rental spaces in Dubai, it is pretty challenging to find an appropriate commercial space or office space in Dubai at an economical rate. Right [...]

Your Ultimate Guide To Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai UAE

Do you own a Tax Residency Certificate in Dubai UAE? Contemporary businesses are not confined by borders anymore, the business sector has become privy to global outreach. An increase in cross-culture business activities offers diverse gains and allows for enriching trade relations on an international scale. However, there’s a downside to becoming a universal marketer, you get taxed in different jurisdictions. As the total income is the revenue from independent countries, each state is inclined to tax the income [...]

November 2020

Is renting an office in Dubai mandatory?

Getting an office for rent in Dubai is one such determinant that comes along while starting a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. Renting an office in Dubai is a necessity and a compulsory requirement for foreign entrepreneurs so that they can get a trade license in Dubai. Without having a valid office address, businesses are not authorized to trade or carry out any commercial activity.  It is not that arranging an office space for rent in [...]

August 2020

Golden Residency Visa in the UAE – All the things you need to know

In May of 2019, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai started a new initiative – a UAE residency system called as the ‘Gold Card.’ The Golden Card is a long-term residency program that is for outstanding professionals working in the fields of health, science, engineering, and art. The idea behind this program is to build an engaging business environment in the Emirates to encourage business [...]

July 2020

How can an Indian Citizen open A bank account in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates has a prosperous and flourishing economy. It has fashioned itself as a leading cosmopolitan hub of the world. Its superior infrastructure, strategic location, availability of skilled human resources, and continuous and endless support from the UAE government draw investors from all around the globe.  In recent times Indian citizens have started investing heavily in the UAE marketplace. Almost fifty percent of the entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners currently working in Dubai are of Indian descent or [...]

June 2020

Why does your Dubai Business need Accounting and Bookkeeping Services?

Owning a company in Dubai and running said business are two different things. You may have huge capitals and a lengthy list of loyal customers, but if you can not manage your accounting and bookkeeping functions effectively, your company can not thrive. Bookkeeping is one of the essential responsibilities that a business needs to carry out with the utmost care. Hence, it is recommended to avail of skilled Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Dubai for your company. Hiring, staffing, training, [...]

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