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September 2020

Perks of Setting Up a Tech Startup in Dubai

Perks of Setting Up a Tech Startup in Dubai

Dubai is unquestionably the world’s preeminent and leading technology hub! The UAE is one of the first countries in the world that embraces all the new and upcoming technological advancements and innovations. Because of this, the country for the third time in a row claimed the title of having the highest Fibre To The Home (FTTH) penetration. This high-level network has allowed the country to bring futuristic, innovative technologies to its citizens easily. The country is now deemed as [...]

How can Company Formation Specialists in Dubai can Help Small Businesses Grow?

Company formation specialists are the professionals who you hire to give you expert advice regarding any field you want to start a business in Dubai. The business consultants also give you tips on how to transform your business into a booming success in a matter of years. This is mostly because they have worked with hundreds of companies, so they know a thing or two about what is in and what is out in the current UAE business sphere. Hiring [...]

Dubai contemplates a Three-Year Rent Suspension on New Contracts

The Dubai government is currently contemplating a recommendation proposed by the experts to lessen the challenges faced by the business community in these troubling times when cash is flowing more slowly into the business, and everyone is struggling to stay afloat. The proposal suggests a no-rental hike stipulation for three years after a lease contract is signed between the landlord and tenant. The Dispute Resolution Committee is considering such a plan. Still, no decision has yet been taken regarding [...]

The Ultimate Guide on Retail Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai is a popular shopping destination, and to say that shopping malls are what made Dubai into the top tourist spot of the world would not be far off. The retail and shopping industry of the UAE is the backbone of its economy. The retail sector of Dubai has proven to be a thriving industry contributing around 22.85% to the GDP of the UAE. Because of this, it is witnessing a rapid transformation as the customers become more conscious regarding [...]

Dubai free zone declares up to 70% cut in business set-up costs

For new investors, as well as companies already working in Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA), the government of Dubai has elected to reduce the costs associated with Business license registration and other administrative tasks. At JAFZA, their pervasive Customer Support Initiative was conceived to slice all business-related expenses like business registration, licensing, and other related administrative functions by a whopping fifty to seventy percent. According to the new statement issued by the DP world, hundreds of new businesses and over 7,500 [...]

Contribution of Foreign Investors to the UAE’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The United Arab Emirates have become an extraordinarily, profitable business doorway for global business owners, budding entrepreneurs and investors. The country has been a haven to millions of expats ranging from over 200 nationalities. The unique multi-cultural atmosphere that mixes various ideas has significantly contributed to boosting the GDP of the nation. The vital contribution by the foreign expat to the UAE’s tourism and hospitality division has scaled up the GDP of the country. The means of starting a business [...]

Establishing a Manufacturing Business in Dubai

Manufacturing is the creation of products from raw materials so that the general population can use them. Or they are made to sell them to earn a profit. By using a combination of manual labor and machines, or sometimes by just using a mixture of machines, chemicals, and biological processing commodities are manufactured. Manufacturing a product also includes many of the intermediate processes before the final product is completed. Different industries like to use different names for it; for [...]

Do You Need to pay Tax While Purchasing a Property in Dubai?

Dubai is the doorway to the Middle East which makes it the land of opportunities for all. Be it the global or regional trade, manufacturing, fabulous tourist attractions and unmatched hospitality- Dubai stands out among the top players of the region. The Emirate of Dubai alone houses an astounding number of free zones dedicated to virtually every division of international trade and commerce. These state-of-the-art free zones offer world-class infrastructure, the likes of which were unheard of before along [...]

August 2020

Business and investment opportunities for the Textiles Sector in Dubai

Dubai is, without any doubt, the most prominent trade hub of the UAE and the Middle Eastern region. Dubai was dubbed with many nicknames, the most obvious of them being ‘ the city of gold’ and ‘Gulf tiger’ because the investments that are invested in the city turn into “gold.” The UAE is the only country in the region that has successfully developed its different sectors and diversified its economy that is now less dependent on crude. Out of [...]

5 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

You have decided to turn into the master of destiny or become your own boss. Creating your own successful business from the ground up is the most satisfying way to earn a living. However, it is, at the same time, the most challenging task one can undertake in their lifetime. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task, especially a successful one.  A successful entrepreneur has a particular set of skills and habits that they develop over time and are [...]

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