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Setting up a new business in UAE can be a complicated, time consuming and intimidating process without the right support and services of an experienced consultancy provider. KWS Middle East providing business setup Dubai services with business experts who will help you in all matters of Business formation in Dubai, UAE

April 2020

Start A Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai in 2020

Digital marketing spending is supposed to amount to $375 billion by 2021 worldwide! In the UAE the same pattern of absolutely phenomenal growth in the digital marketing sector can be observed. The annual growth rate is anywhere between 25% and 40%. Such significant growth displays the investment potential of the sector to those who have the skills and it also spells out great news for all the entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to break into this rapidly-growing and [...]

March 2020

Setting up a Gold Trade Business in Dubai

Fantastic architecture, state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern lifestyle, and lax trade policies make Dubai company formation a lucrative option for both foreign and local investors. The diverse and stable economy of the UAE draws many entrepreneurs from all over the world to explore the plethora of business opportunities it presents. On that note, let us discuss one of the most profitable business setup in Dubai: Gold and diamond trading. The Gold and Diamond Industry of the UAE are one of the most prolific [...]

How to Start a Daycare Business in Dubai?

The UAE economy for the past several decades has been experiencing a massive uplift. This boom in the UAE’s economy is due to the visionary leadership that crafted enticing policies that lured foreign investors to invest in the region. 100% percent foreign ownership, minimal taxation, and top-of-the-line infrastructure are some of the incentives that have led to a massive influx of budding entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business in Dubai. This industrialization of the UAE is dubbed by the experts [...]

How to Start a Hotel Business in Dubai in 2020?

Tourism and travel are at the top of the list when it comes to Dubai’s diversified commercial sector. It was able to reshape itself into a virtual tourist magnet through fashioning  policies that have helped in making Dubai into one of the world’s most famous travel and tourist destinations.  Additionally, its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, diverse population, and amazing entertainment spots that attract visitors from far and wide have played a huge role in luring several corporate giants and organizations [...]

How to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai which has low overheads (minimal up-front costs), has a complete absence of typical operating costs and is high in demand, then you should consider learning about how to start a cleaning company in the UAE. Cleaning businesses usually have lower start-up costs than other business setups and this business is one of the few businesses that can get into operating mode immediately after its launch. However, you will have to [...]

How UAE can save over Dh11b by adopting blockchain technologies?

The UAE is set to save over DH 11 billion by implementing advanced blockchain technologies, according to new reports. This technology will help the UAE government in saving costs by eliminating 398 million in printed documents and 77 million in work hours per year. Currently, 80 % of public and private sectors are already using the technology. The CEO of the Dubai Future Foundation (DFF) Khalfan Belhoul said that, The UAE has always been a leader in the early implementation of brand new [...]

February 2020

Why do Chinese Entrepreneurs Prefer Setting up a Business in the UAE?

In the first half of 2019 alone, the Department of Economic Development has issued over 362 Trade licences to over 696 Chinese entrepreneurs. Indicating the keen interest of Chinese business owners in the intensely competitive markets of the UAE, including Dubai. Over 10% of the UAE’s population consists of Chinese nationals, which very clearly affirms that Dubai is the focal point of investment and a choice destination for Business setup for Chinese entrepreneurs. What Drives and Motivates Chinese Entrepreneurs and Investors [...]

How to Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone

Sixty or so years ago, no one would have imagined or guessed that Dubai will become the most futuristic city in the World and would be built from scratch. Yet this is precisely how the World is describing Dubai’s fantastic transformation into the land of dreams for which is known for today. The city is home to one hundred and twenty “Fortune 500 ” Companies. The diverse business opportunities, Dubai’s tax benefits, lax and hassle-free government processes, Free zones and [...]

How to Start a Business in the Hamriyah Free Zone?

One of the most popular free zones of Sharjah is Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ). The UAE government formally launched it in 1995. Since its establishment, it has made its mark as the fastest growing and the top choice for entrepreneurs for business setup in the UAE. The Hamriyah Free Zone is 24 square kilometres in size and has a 14 metres deep port and has an inner harbour that is 7 metres deep. The trade zone offers competitive incentives and unique [...]

How to Obtain a Nursery License in Dubai

Dubai is the liveliest city in the UAE. The city is filled with people bustling about doing their work. It is home to young parents who are wrapped up in their official duties and hence are not at home most of the time. These parents are unable to hire a maid and prefer a nursery for babysitting. Because of this, there has been a rising demand for the nursery business registration in Dubai, making it one of the most sought-after businesses [...]

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