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July 2021

Know The Best Blockchain Business Ideas

The digital world is forming amazing opportunities for business investors as cryptocurrency is blending with the trading business. The Blockchain is one of the cutting-edge technologies which is opening new platforms for a variety of business sectors including Bitcoin trading. Some profitable business ideas can help entrepreneurs and developed business companies to adopt this next-generation technology into their network. Before getting familiar with trending business ideas, there are some elements about blockchain that are important to understand. READ: Top 10 [...]

January 2021

Guide To Getting Instant Business License In The UAE

Many foreign investors are looking forward to starting their business in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is known as the business centre of the Middle-East, thanks to its straightforward regulations, lenient taxation policies that grant it immense ease in doing business. Business owners and entrepreneurs from around the globe are looking for a location which affords them with the ease to do business. And with the initiative proposed by the Dubai government called the Initiative of Instant License from [...]

November 2020

How to Get a Food Truck License in Dubai?

Dubai is gaining worldwide recognition for its fantastic food experience. It offers an exhilarating gastronomic experience that is not just limited to its seven-star luxurious restaurants but also its quaint cafes and most notably many food trucks that are lining the streets. Dubai’s restaurant industry is predicted to reach 20 billion US dollars by 2020, showcasing an upward trend of growth of this industry. This rising demand is attributed to the huge influx of tourists that are coming to [...]

July 2020

Why is your existing trade business license is more valuable than you imagine?

We often get clients from all walks of life, who want to try their hand at starting a business in the UAE and realizing their dream of becoming their own boss. Recently, a client of ours came with an unusual query. The question that piqued our interest was, “Is it not better to set up an entirely new business instead of renewing one’s existing business license? as it is cheaper to do that?”– and upon inquiry, it was revealed [...]

June 2020

UAE sets a benchmark in the use of drone technology against COVID-19

The UAE’s unremitting drive to become one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world has been a vital contributor in its combat against the spread of COVID-19, according to industry experts. Its willingness to embrace and experiment with new technologies has dramatically helped in protecting its residents from the adverse effects of this virus. A techpreneur and the founder of CAFU Rashid Al Ghurair said that: “Because the UAE is a technology pioneer, its residents find itself to be benefiting [...]

March 2020

Dubai Government Announced a Stimulus Package to Aid the Economy

The world’s economy is facing severe setbacks due to the challenging times the world is going through because of the outbreak of COVID-19 or CoronaVirus. Businesses, investments and the daily life of unsuspecting individuals continue to be greatly affected by it. In these troubling times the Dubai Government ought to be lauded for their swift planning and introduction of such measures in the form of a billion dollar stimulus package that will safeguard the investment and interests of Dubai’s ailing [...]

Is Your Dubai Business License Expiring? Here’s Why You Should Never Let It Run Out

Once you have set up your business in Dubai, naturally you do not want to lose it. Not only it requires a ton of administrative work to get your enterprise registered from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or other concerning authorities in whichever forty-five plus free zone you choose for as base of your operations. But also the hours spent on the incorporation process are too many to count. It might seem like you can at last just focus [...]

February 2020

How to Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone

Sixty or so years ago, no one would have imagined or guessed that Dubai will become the most futuristic city in the World and would be built from scratch. Yet this is precisely how the World is describing Dubai’s fantastic transformation into the land of dreams for which is known for today. The city is home to one hundred and twenty “Fortune 500 ” Companies. The diverse business opportunities, Dubai’s tax benefits, lax and hassle-free government processes, Free zones and [...]

How to Start a Business in the Hamriyah Free Zone?

One of the most popular free zones of Sharjah is Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZ). The UAE government formally launched it in 1995. Since its establishment, it has made its mark as the fastest growing and the top choice for entrepreneurs for business setup in the UAE. The Hamriyah Free Zone is 24 square kilometres in size and has a 14 metres deep port and has an inner harbour that is 7 metres deep. The trade zone offers competitive incentives and unique [...]

November 2019


The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Your Own Business in Dubai

There has never been a better time to start a business in Dubai than it is right at this moment. Not a fortnight goes by in which a new ambitious project is announced either by the UAE government or by influential magnates or by a foreign commodity which increases UAE’s economic growth making it worthwhile to jump on this particular bandwagon. According to IMF, UAE is said to lead the Middle East in terms of economic growth surpassing Saudi Arabia- [...]

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