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June 2021

Time Limitations for Tax Residency Certificate in UAE

The UAE immigrants’ policies are extremely positive for foreign investors. The government offers great facilities and perks to starters who follow legal documentation procedures in a given duration. The tax residency certificate in UAE is required to help entrepreneurs and foreign business firms to avoid double taxation. This permit can help business owners in various ways and to acquire it you need to follow some basic guidelines which will be discussed. First, you need to understand the major purpose of [...]

November 2020

How To Obtain a Virtual Company License in Dubai

Starting a company in Dubai just got more convenient with a virtual business license coming into the picture. The virtual business license is a joint initiative of Dubai International financial center, Dubai economy, Smart Dubai, General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and Supreme Legislation Committee. Dubai Virtual Business License allows investors, entrepreneurs, and freelancers from all around the globe to set up their businesses in the UAE without having to stay in the country. People from over a [...]

October 2020

How to Start a Tax Consulting Business in Dubai?

In the past few years, new Business setups in Dubai are on the rise; this favorable turn of event is partly because of the economic stability that the UAE is currently enjoying. But mostly the new start-ups are sprouting every which way in the region due to the UAE’s government policies that are highly conducive for company formation and its consequent growth. Taking account of all the above starting up a consulting business in Dubai –where you basically assist other entrepreneurs [...]

June 2020

Dubai’s Economy Will Bounce Back From the Coronavirus Outbreak

For the world that has been enveloped by the blanket of fear, depression, and general gloom ever since the Coronavirus pandemic hit it, finally, a much-needed ray of sunshine has parted the clouds of misery at least for the UAE. His  Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai, and the Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council in his recent statement assured the people of UAE that the country would ‘overcome’ the ‘formidable’ [...]

April 2020

UAE’S Next Artificial Intelligence leap – First Retail Robot

In recent times the UAE has evolved into one of the few countries of the world that are making giant leaps in the field of artificial intelligence. The global market value for the AI sector is currently estimated to be 15.7 billion US dollars by 2030. In the Middle East, the AI sector’s impact on the region’s economy is expected to reach a whopping 230 billion US dollars by 2030! In light of its time-honored tradition, the government of the UAE [...]

March 2020

Is your Business Setup Consultants helping you beat the competition?

If you have ever launched a company before, you will be thoroughly aware of the fine points: registering your company; opening a bank account; setting up your IT; building your brand; filing paperwork and obtaining authorizations. For starting a business in the UAE, it can be rewarding to have business setup consultants to do these tasks for you while you concentrate on building your business.  However, a business setup consultancy’s support should not end there.  If you want to stay ahead of [...]

December 2019

Why Should You Hire Business Setup Consultants?

Doing business in Dubai in recent times has turned out to be a wise decision. Business is prospering in the UAE, with more and more business setups mushrooming all across the region. Setting up a business in Dubai is relatively easy and straightforward. If you meticulously research the UAE business environment, are familiar with the legalities involved in the process, and have definite business goals then by simply following a systematic approach you can have an up and running a business [...]

November 2019


The Ultimate Guide on How to Start Your Own Business in Dubai

There has never been a better time to start a business in Dubai than it is right at this moment. Not a fortnight goes by in which a new ambitious project is announced either by the UAE government or by influential magnates or by a foreign commodity which increases UAE’s economic growth making it worthwhile to jump on this particular bandwagon. According to IMF, UAE is said to lead the Middle East in terms of economic growth surpassing Saudi Arabia- [...]

September 2019

Dubai Property Visa Rules 2019 – How to Get UAE Investor Visa

Any investor visa that has been issued by the Ministry of UAE for a duration of 3 years requires to be stamped by UAE Consulate. If an investor wants to obtain an investor visa for Dubai, they need to make a deposit of AED 10,000 and the visa charges for Dubai. Once the expiry date is near, you need to get the visa renewed to perform the activities at a future date, through the business setup In Dubai. If you [...]

How to Setup an Engineering Consultants Business in Dubai

An engineering consultant business is a company that is engaged in engineering activities in Dubai. Dubai Municipality regulates the engineering industry in Dubai whose objective is to regulate the industry, ensure excellence, quality control and make certain that both national and foreign companies safely and competently carry out the work they are tendered for. If you want to start an engineering consultancy business in Dubai and are going to apply for a permit to practice in the area of engineering [...]

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