Your search for an exciting place to start a business ends with Dubai. Dubai has been the flag-bearer of UAE’s global progress for quite some time now. The city offers increasing economic avenues, diversified business start-ups and investor friendly policies for entrepreneurs around the world.

Setting up a new business in Dubai is extremely rewarding. Nevertheless, it is difficult to get acquainted with a foreign environment and understand the international market at an instant. This is why business entities looking to start business in Dubai or even setup a branch in Dubai for their existing business approach KWS ME business setup. Our experts take care of all complications and contemplate with your business situation to offer you the best!


Depending on the location of a business entity in Dubai, businesses can be classified into three main categories

Mainland Entity

Seaward Entity

Free Zone Entity

Mainland Business setup

Mainland Company is a business entity that falls under Dubai commercialized geographical areas and is directly registered under UAE government and its business regulating bodies. Mainland Company formation requires a UAE National as a local sponsor and he will hold at least 51% of company shares.

Salient Features

  • Can carry out business in Dubai and across UAE
  • No corporate tax
  • No capital required for Dubai Mainland License
  • Complete repatriation of capital and profits
  • Most popular form of business setup in Dubai

Free zone business setup

Free zones in Dubai are special economic zones designed to provide key benefits to businesses they do not get elsewhere. Dubai Free Zone company formation is the most preferable form of business setup to carry out international business operations. Free zones attract high foreign investment due to favorable location and investor friendly policies.

Salient Features

  • 100% foreign ownership (exemption from 51% rule requirement)
  • Exemption of taxes
  • Customs privileges
  • Well established transport network and road connectivity
  • Affordable cost for high quality labor

Seaward Entity/ Offshore Business Setup

Seaward entity – commonly known as offshore company or non-resident company is a firm that is possessed and controlled from foreign country. Dubai offshore company formation is preferred by many businesses as the income obtained from holding company i.e. offshore company is not taxable.

Salient features

  • Great Tax Incentives
  • Privacy & Confidentiality and Asset Protection
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Zero Bureaucracy & Modernized Administration
  • Flexible business laws and lawsuit protection


Our experts have laid down 6 steps for company formation in Dubai.

How-To Guide for Incorporating Business in Dubai

What KWSME Is Offering For You?

KWSME offers a full spectrum of company formation and business support services for its clients in UAE. We help you start your business in Dubai in the following ways,

  • We make a professional assessment of the feasibility of your business idea and its operational practicability.
  • We help you in finalizing your business activity
  • We help you find a local sponsor/ local service agent for your Dubai business setup
  • We make sure you have safe shareholding structure
  • We get initial approval from DED for your company
  • We will make sure you are meeting the right people in Dubai both in government departments and other places. You will be given a proper run down of how things work in Dubai.
  • We draft your company’s Memorandum of Association with legal experts
  • We guide you with multiple jurisdictions; help you find a suitable place for your offices.
  • We help you rent an office in Dubai

Our vast experiences and deep insights put us in a strategically advantageous position to suggest to you the best business models you will need to get your business entity off to a blistering start.

Dos & Don’ts of Business in Dubai

Dubai is a haven for business opportunities and investor. If you are looking to do business in the complex, multi-cultural and fast moving environment, it would be best to get the right business advice directly from us at KWSME; we spend every single day helping businesses make that leap.

Here is a list of things you should be careful about when you are planning to do business in Dubai lest you might fall and lose all your money.

Be Thorough With Your Plan for Business in Dubai

A business plan is the right way to explore the feasibility of a new business in Dubai without actually having to start it and run it. A carefully drawn up plan takes into account all the factors that directly or indirectly impact viability of your business in shorter and longer run.  Here’s what your business plan should cover,

  1. Your basic business concept – includes your business sector, structure, your product or service and how you intend to make your venture successful.
  2. Your business strategy – specific goals and objectives and how you intend to achieve them.
  3. Competitive advantage of your product or service – it will differentiate your business from your competitors and influence your customers on why to purchase your products rather than from your competitor.
  4. Prepare Marketing plan
    • Who will be your clients/ customers?
    • What is your target audience in terms of geographical area?
    • How will you attract and retain enough customers in order to make profit?
    • What marketing techniques you will utilize to capture your audience?
    • What sets your business apart from the competitors?


  1. Have information on background on your management team and key employees – what they have done previously and what will they bring to the table for your business.


  1. Prepare Financial feasibility report

Starting a business in Dubai can be costly. Even if you have adequate funds to launch your new enterprise in Dubai, in order to keep them afloat requires careful planning. You should calculate your initial start-up costs i.e. incorporation, licensing, legal fees, premises and finish out. Also know and understand ongoing costs i.e. marketing and workforce. You should be aware of your cash flow position every minute of the day. At the end, your receipts should exceed your expenditures. Make sure your financial feasibility report is in order and quoting you all the right numbers.  Also do not forget to list your personal living expenses in Dubai.

Local Sponsors for your business

According to the UAE law, any mainland business coming into the UAE must find a local investor who is going to hold 51% of the paid-up capital of the business entity. Finding a reliable local sponsor or neighborhood support is absolutely essential for starting a business in Dubai.

It is better advised to come into contact with business setup service providers like KWSME who have the relevant experience and expertise to help you find the right partner for your business.

Start Promoting your Business Today

Dubai is a competitive market. If people are unaware of your product or service that you are going to offer, then how are you going to generate profits? You end up losing money if people don’t know your product. Therefore, it is imperative for you to have a plan ready for the promotion of your brand or business, so that you can start making money instantly. There are numerous promotional channels available in Dubai who can help your product become more visible and grab more views.

So what’s the point in losing time? Get on with the promotion of your brand which will ultimately translate into sales and profits.

Get your Business Incorporated ASAP

Whether you are starting an offshore, mainland or a free zone company in UAE; you cannot do so without getting your business registered with UAE authorities. Our advice to you would be to seek an expert opinion that will assist you in your business setup in UAE.

KWSME is here to help you in seamless incorporation of your company in the most professional manner possible. We will get things done for your business because our client is our utmost concern.

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