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Top Tech Trends in 2020 For The Hospitality Industry


The UAE is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. And this is due to its government’s policy of embracing the latest advancements that have transformed it into a digital hub for innovation in the Middle East and North African Region (MENA), making it a hotspot for business setup in Dubai.

Speaking of these advancements currently in the world, over five billion people have a mobile device, which means that 66 percent of the world’s population has one. Of these 66 percent, approximately 1.8 billion people are millennials–which accounts for about a quarter of the total world’s population. These millennials are the group that is most obsessed with using cutting edge technology in their everyday life.This essentially means that this exclusive group of young adults is shaping the way we do business, especially the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.

The mobile devices have significantly impacted how day-to-day business activities are done and changed the way business setup in Dubai work.

To know more about the influence of mobile phones on the hospitality industry, below we have compiled a list of top trends to look out for in 2020:

Smartphones as door keys

Nowadays, technology is evolving at an astonishingly rapid pace. In a blink of an eye, the devices that were the norm of the day are deemed obsolete. Telephones and Fax machines have been replaced by mobile phones, or rather they have been displaced by smartphones.

Similarly, in the hospitality industry, the hotel room keys have been interchanged with the electronic door key. And now, the hotels across the UAE are considering replacing the key card with the guest’s mobile phone. The technology used in turning the smartphones into the E-key cards will be similar to the NFC tech used in the airports for scanning the plane tickets.

This small change will positively impact the lives of guests, particularly the technologically inclined or tech-savvy millennials. These modern travelers can come and go as they please without going through any rigorous check-in routine and can drop into their hotel suite after a long, tiring flight. This technology will prompt dozens of travelers to flock towards the UAE peninsula and thus boost the return on investment of the hospitality industry.

In-room tablets

With global warming creating chaos in the world, the hospitality industry of Dubai and the rest of the UAE has employed several strategies to promote eco-friendly practices and implement measures to be more sustainable in the long run.

The first and foremost step in the road to greener initiatives is reducing paper usage in the hotels. The traditional method of getting information through printed paraphernalia (like menus, brochures, and pamphlets) are banned in most hotels in the UAE, instead of electronic devices such as tablets are used both in the guest rooms and in public areas of the hotel.

An in-room tablet for hotel guests to use during their stay will be handy. These tablets have custom menus inbuilt that are rich in personalized features that can help in the long-term investment of the hotel by reducing the usage of paper, which in turn will reduce the overall operating expenses. Moreover, the tablets will not only help in getting vital hotel information, but guests can also easily and quickly place room service orders directly from the in-room tablet without ever having to pick up the phone.

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Robot tech is the future of the hospitality sector

Although it is true, nothing can ever replace a human’s touch in the hospitality sector, and a human staff can care for and look after the hotel guests better than any present substitute. However, more and more guests are becoming increasingly self-sufficient and independent. Self-service is becoming the preferred choice by many hotel guests, notably for simple tasks like booking a room and making a reservation for a restaurant in the hotel, etc. In addition to these remote check-in and check-out options are becoming relatively popular, especially among young travelers and those visitors who are freelancers or entrepreneurs. As these visitors do not have a minute to spare; therefore, they prefer to do most of their work themselves.

Having said all that, there’s a whole slew of basic things that a robot staff can do. Guest requests, such as delivering whatever they demand: such as an extra towel, a pair of slippers, or an extra blanket, can all be delivered via a robot. A robot can act as a stand-in when their human counterparts are unavailable or are otherwise indisposed. By taking care of such inane tasks, the robot staff would free the human hotel staff up to perform other activities that will enhance the overall experience of the guests staying at the hotel. Dubai’s hospitality industry is leading in the usage of innovative technologies and hence it is the most profitable at the moment for business setups.

Fixed-mobile convergence

Imagine how easy life will be for hotel guests if as soon as the guest’s check-in your hotel their mobile phone pairs with their central hotel network. That will give them access to their hotel room phone, the in-room tablet, and allows them to connect with the room’s tv and its sound system. And now all of this is possible and not a thing of dreams as the “internet of things” has made this into a reality.

Stronger bandwidth

In today’s digitally advanced era, where hotel guests carry a bunch of devices – a wifi-enabled camera, a mobile phone, a laptop, a tablet, you name it, and they’ve for sure got it. Hotels have to keep up with the demands of their hospitality guests, primarily the younger ones, as they bring with them every Internet-sucking device they own when they travel.

These young travelers need, want, and demand that the internet in their hotel room is just as reliable and fast as the one they have in-home. This means that to meet their needs, and the hotels have to multiply those data needs by dozens, if not hundreds, of guests – possibly thousands – if you land a big conference. It’s a huge challenge that the hospitality industry has to find solutions for if they want to keep ahead of the curve.

Lastly always remember, Guest is king

One thing is sure – the hotel that is equipped with state of the art technology will be able to give its hotel guests a fulfilling and satisfying experience. The hospitality industry is slowly getting involved in embracing new technologies that help their guests to have easy check-ins and check-out experience. This is possible because almost (if not) all the people who are visiting a hotel have smartphones. That enables them to access their hotel suites directly without waiting for the keys at the reception.

Guests can skip the check-in line in hotels at the front desk and go directly to their room. Thus, providing immense convenience to the hotel guests, which also helps in gaining the guests’ loyalty to select your hotel more than once.

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