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Small Business opportunities for Foreign Investors in the UAE


The United Arab Emirates is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world. And is one of the countries in the world that has successfully transformed its economy from an oil dependent one to a non-oil dependent one.

There has been a massive influx of expats into the country for the past several years. These foreign entrepreneurs are coming to the UAE to start a business of their own here. As there are huge business and investment opportunities for both the big and small companies in the UAE.

Because of which UAE is now considered the best place for budding or serial entrepreneurs of the world for a business setup. If you are thinking about starting a small business in Dubai, then you are in luck as there are numerous business opportunities that turn out a huge profit even with minimal capital.

Small Business and Investment Opportunities in UAE

We have compiled a list of low cost, high reward business ideas in Dubai, just for you so that you can turn your dream of financial freedom into a reality. In addition to that these business and investment opportunities are great for foreigners living in the UAE.

1. Real Estate and Construction

The UAE is a country that is always improving and evolving. This process often involves revamping its already exceptional infrastructure. Currently many mega-projects are underway. These projects will definitely uplift the real estate sector.

And with the Dubai World Expo 2020 drawing ever nearer, a further boost in the construction and Real Estate sector is anticipated providing several business opportunities to small investors.

2. Information Technology

The IT sector is currently the most in-demand industry in the UAE making a person with the rudimentary IT and tech skills the most sought-out professional out there. So, if you have any skill that you are particularly good at then you can capitalize on it without spending a dime of your own to set up your service-based business. You can easily start working as a freelancer in any of the free zones that exclusively cater to IT- based businesses.

3. Retail

The UAE, especially Dubai is famous for its shopping festivals and luxurious shopping malls rightfully earning the title of the shopping capital of the world. The retail sector of the UAE has always been one of the thriving sectors of the country and the future of any business in this sector is guaranteed to be a success. An online retail shop is a feasible option for budding entrepreneurs trying to break into the Dubai business landscape.

The over 75 shopping malls in Dubai alone, there is immense scope for the traditional retail stores as well.

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4. Tourism and Travel

Undoubtedly, Dubai is the most visited city in the world. Last year alone over 19 million visitors visited the city. The government of UAE has facilitated the tourists by erecting numerous hotels and resorts. The hospitality sector of the UAE is the only industry in the whole of the country that is supported by the government. This is great news for you as a small business owner (or to- be owner) as you can try your luck in the tourism, travel or hospitality sector with the full backing of the UAE government.

5. Financial and Accounting Services

As more and more people turn into entrepreneurs the demand for good and reliable accounting services increase as well. Not only, accounting but other financial services such as banking and insurance are also in high demand. So, if you excel in accounting, bookkeeping, auditing or any other financial services then you can easily start a low-cost, high-reward business in any of these.

7. Transport

The rising population of the United Arab Emirates prompts the need of a strong and dependable transportation system. All the emirates of the country are connected with each other via a network of roadways. You can invest in this sector as there is a massive opportunity for small businesses in this sector.

8. Trading

The United Arab Emirates, particularly Dubai, is widely known as the global trading hub of the world. Most of the goods which are traded in the Middle East and North African region (MENA) have to cross the ports of the United Arab Emirates. The geographic location of the country places at the center of all the action making it impossible to deny its importance in the world.

The eight businesses mentioned above present the best business opportunities for foreign investors interested in setting up a business in the United Arab Emirates. If a foreigner tries their hand in any of the industries indicated above, they are sure to succeed.

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