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Six Lucrative Home-Based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE


When it comes to starting a business, most people believe that it is next to impossible to dive into the free world of entrepreneurship as they wholeheartedly believe that it is something you need to spend a small fortune on. Moreover, it requires a load of heavy-lifting to make it a success. If this were the case, there would not be so many small but lucrative businesses and startups out there that are turning in quite a profit. That easily explains why there are so many home-based businesses run by first-time entrepreneurs.

Dubai has rapidly achieved its position as the global city that is the first choice for entrepreneurs to launch their dream business, it is an equal opportunity employer (for the lack of a better word) as it provides an even playing for both men and women entrepreneurs. Any women entrepreneurs in the UAE is more than welcome to turn their business ideas into reality by starting a business in the city.

In fact, some experts are touting women as the key players in the continued growth and economic stability of the UAE.

With all this in mind and without any further ado, here are some alluring business ideas for women entrepreneurs in the UAE.

Lucrative Home-based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in Dubai

If you are a female entrepreneur, aspiring to start a business in Dubai, then here are six business ideas just for you:


Those with a passion for writing or a particular interest in anything really might want to think about becoming a blogger. All you require to become one is to learn how to make a blog from scratch (which can be done by following various YouTube tutorials that are available for anyone to use for free) and start sharing your knowledge, tutorials, opinions, or experiences with the world. In time, you might begin making a substantial income off the ads and by monetizing your blog, though this is merely the tip of the iceberg, as more is yet to come. Some bloggers ultimately begin selling niche-relevant merchandise on their blog, and some eventually transform it into an online store.

E-Book Writing

People passionate about creative writing will be happy to hear that, in 2020, there are more opportunities available for self-publishing authors than there ever was before. Hence, you can start writing your book right away and fulfill your long-forgotten dream of becoming an author. Your ebook can be easily uploaded to publishing platforms such as Amazon, Nook Press, iBooks Author, or even Google Play. Bear in mind that this particular business idea is not a get-rich-overnight scheme and that you will have to be composed and patient until the money eventually starts rolling in. Besides, knowing how to weave an engaging story is not the only basis for success in this job. You also need to understand how to market and sell your product effectively.

Baby Proofing Consulting

Those with children of their own probably already have loads of experience when it comes to the perils that one’s home may pose for a child. A simple staircase suddenly turns into a scary death trap, or an electric outlet becomes the cause of your nightmares. Why not use this(horrendous yet practical) experience to help new parents and help them baby-proof their home? Sure, one can always look up ways to guard outlets, sharp edges, and doorknobs from the grabby hands of the curious toddlers, however, this is only the root of the problems. Using your real-life knowledge to serve others is not just a good, but it can also become quite a lucrative business idea, especially for aspiring mompreneurs. In time, it may even turn into more than a side hustle. It can, perhaps, morph into becoming a career.

Interior Designing

Women who have a knack for interior design should strive to offer their services to people in need of their expert advice. On the other hand, regarding how there are countless people already in this industry, you can try to specialize in a particular niche to differentiate yourself and then focus on marketing yourself much better. For example, instead of becoming an interior designer in general, you can specialize in bathroom remodeling. You can advise your clients on how to coordinate their vintage vanity with contemporary bathtub and low-flow yet stylish bathroom fixtures.

Event Planning

If you see your organizational abilities as one of your principal strengths, then you should consider the industry of event planning as an option for starting a business in the UAE. How this works is quite easy and is straightforward; however, once again, you will have to specialize. You should know the difference between the different events you intend on planning. For instance, organizing weddings are not in any way similar to organizing corporate activities. It demands a separate set of skills and contacts, but it also compels you to work with a diverse range of resources and with a distinct profit margin. Furthermore, depending on your business location, the market may be unexplored or saturated with too many niche competitors that the obvious from event organization is wide open. Therefore, market research is essential before diving headfirst into this industry.

Bed and Breakfast

The prospect of starting your own bed and breakfast is the next thing you need to consider. While we’ve already mentioned that, regardless of what you do, you’re still an entrepreneur, opening bed and breakfast will take you the closest to this idea. For instance, you need to start by determining ownership, laws, and regulations, and a few other managerial issues. Then, it would be best if you considered branding and marketing, which will be a determining factor in your efforts to attract and retain a healthy stream of visitors.

As you can see, there are many business opportunities for you to explore, all of which belong to various industries. The choice, nonetheless, should not be made according to profit, but according to your preference. For example, it would be irrational to assume outright that any of the business, as mentioned above, ideas simply has to be more successful than the others. Once you start your business, you are an entrepreneur, which means that there is no cap on what you can potentially earn.

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