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Set up your business in UAE in just 15 minutes

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Among the facilities that attracts investors towards new investment opportunities is fast processing of business formation. Time is money and that is why investors focus on getting their work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. The government in the UAE has paid attention towards this unannounced demand of the investors and has made the licensing process for business setup in UAE even easier than it was before.

Providing documents and visiting relevant service centers was thought to be too much hassle. Now the authorities have made business licensing a matter of less than half an hour. If you have the required information, you can your business registered with the authorities in just 15 minutes. This looks to be the dream of every investor and entrepreneur who wants to own a business setup in UAE.

The portal

The portal has been made with the help of not one but many different authorities in the UAE. These include the Chambers of commerce and the Economics department and the project was headed by the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority. The portal has been launched for Ajman, Fujairah and Ras Al-Khaimah for now. However, it will be available for use by other emirates very soon.

The portal is not only going to provide license to the business setup in Dubai, but also provide registration with the relevant chamber of commerce, business documentation, business identity card and a set quota of visa for the new staff that will manage the business setup in Dubai. The portal is also able to provide digital signatures and documentation and all paperwork can be completed on it. More services like bank account opening, registration for VAT and renewal of documentations will be added to the portal later.

The portal will have great effects on the business environment in the UAE. The first thing that it will do is create for trust between the government and the business community as this will be seen as a step by the government to solve issues and improve business processes which will be a reflection of the intentions of the authorities.

It will also encourage more investors to come to the UAE and register their businesses with the process becoming much easier than it was before.

Plan of action

KWS Middle East Business Consultants Dubai were quick to gather all the necessary information regarding Bashr, the new computerized business licensing portal. The Business Consultants Dubai will be able to guide their new and existing clients about the huge benefits that can be availed by using this new system of business licensing. They will also be providing information regarding documents and details that one should keep with them at the time of business licensing through the portal. KWS Middle East is one such organization which already has a great grip on information in the market regarding business processes and will be able to make clients understand the new system of business licensing. The firm also provides business support services that are as essential as business registration or company formation.

Experts at KWS Middle East are easily approachable through telephone and email. Contact us today and get the best advice that you can in the UAE.

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