September 2020

Contribution of Foreign Investors to the UAE’s Tourism and Hospitality Industry

The United Arab Emirates have become an extraordinarily, profitable business doorway for global business owners, budding entrepreneurs and investors. The country has been a haven to millions of expats ranging from over 200 nationalities. The unique multi-cultural atmosphere that mixes various ideas has significantly contributed to boosting the GDP of the nation. The vital contribution by the foreign expat to the UAE’s tourism and hospitality division has scaled up the GDP of the country. The means of starting a business [...]

Establishing a Manufacturing Business in Dubai

Manufacturing is the creation of products from raw materials so that the general population can use them. Or they are made to sell them to earn a profit. By using a combination of manual labor and machines, or sometimes by just using a mixture of machines, chemicals, and biological processing commodities are manufactured. Manufacturing a product also includes many of the intermediate processes before the final product is completed. Different industries like to use different names for it; for [...]

Three Core Incentives to Hire an Offshore Business Consultant

One of the most profitable ways for foreign business owners to diversify their profits is to proceed onward with offshore company formation. There are many reasons as to why entrepreneurs would want to go ahead and favour this option, which you will be able to understand better aware of as you read the blog. In the preceding article, we gave you a clear idea regarding how to start an offshore company in Dubai.  In today’s rapidly evolving world, there still [...]

Do You Need to pay Tax While Purchasing a Property in Dubai?

Dubai is the doorway to the Middle East which makes it the land of opportunities for all. Be it the global or regional trade, manufacturing, fabulous tourist attractions and unmatched hospitality- Dubai stands out among the top players of the region. The Emirate of Dubai alone houses an astounding number of free zones dedicated to virtually every division of international trade and commerce. These state-of-the-art free zones offer world-class infrastructure, the likes of which were unheard of before along [...]

August 2020

Business and investment opportunities for the Textiles Sector in Dubai

Dubai is, without any doubt, the most prominent trade hub of the UAE and the Middle Eastern region. Dubai was dubbed with many nicknames, the most obvious of them being ‘ the city of gold’ and ‘Gulf tiger’ because the investments that are invested in the city turn into “gold.” The UAE is the only country in the region that has successfully developed its different sectors and diversified its economy that is now less dependent on crude. Out of [...]

5 Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

You have decided to turn into the master of destiny or become your own boss. Creating your own successful business from the ground up is the most satisfying way to earn a living. However, it is, at the same time, the most challenging task one can undertake in their lifetime. Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task, especially a successful one.  A successful entrepreneur has a particular set of skills and habits that they develop over time and are [...]

Top Tech Trends in 2020 For The Hospitality Industry

The UAE is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. And this is due to its government’s policy of embracing the latest advancements that have transformed it into a digital hub for innovation in the Middle East and North African Region (MENA), making it a hotspot for business setup in Dubai. Speaking of these advancements currently in the world, over five billion people have a mobile device, which means that 66 percent of the world’s population has [...]

What are The Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates, but Dubai, mostly emerged as a notable platform for worldwide businesses. The government of Dubai has made some significant changes to the rules surrounding company formation in Dubai by promoting ease of doing business and implementing lax taxation laws in the past decade. It is yet again on the verge of another economic leap. This populous and busy Emirate is evolving, adjusting, and adapting to more innovative schemes of production, circulation, and consumption of goods [...]

Golden Residency Visa in the UAE – All the things you need to know

In May of 2019, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai started a new initiative – a UAE residency system called as the ‘Gold Card.’ The Golden Card is a long-term residency program that is for outstanding professionals working in the fields of health, science, engineering, and art. The idea behind this program is to build an engaging business environment in the Emirates to encourage business [...]

July 2020

Top 5 Destinations for Foreign Entrepreneurs to start a Business in UAE

The Middle East is regarded and recognized as a global center for all things business, and the United Arab Emirates is rated 13th on a global scale according to a new report. The report measures the ease of doing business, among other criteria, while ranking the financial centers of the world. Consequently, the report also pronounced that the UAE has placed the highest among the Middle Eastern countries and the North African countries. The UAE, apart from having the [...]

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