November 2020

How to Start a Business in Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority – A Complete Guide

Jebel Ali, Free Zone Authority, has all the sources that a business owner might need for company formation under one roof. It is a destination where suppliers, trade associates and logistic service providers come together, which decreases the cost and boosts efficiency and profits. It is a hub of trade and a novel system that extends end to end resolutions and growth and investment opportunities to the various kinds of business that serve locally and globally. It had only [...]

Setting Up A Business in Dubai: 5 Things That Only Very Few Know

Starting up a business is not a child’s play, more so when it comes to setting up a registered business anywhere, especially overseas. If you have ever dared to dream of setting up a business in Dubai, UAE or anywhere else in Dubai, then you must know about five things that will make or break your business. Establishing The Business in the UAE Don’t pack your bags just at the mere thought of setting up a business in Dubai. Instead, it [...]

Little Known Ways To Start Your Low-Cost Business Setup In Dubai

If you want to start a business of your own in the UAE, it requires extreme determination and ambition. This is not all; you will need substantial investment and business setup costs, especially if you want to start your company in Dubai as a business startup. It demands a specific business setup cost for the preliminary expenses alone. The number of investors and entrepreneurs is growing year by year in the UAE. People who are looking to form their companies [...]

Is renting an office in Dubai mandatory?

Getting an office for rent in Dubai is one such determinant that comes along while starting a business in Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE. Renting an office in Dubai is a necessity and a compulsory requirement for foreign entrepreneurs so that they can get a trade license in Dubai. Without having a valid office address, businesses are not authorized to trade or carry out any commercial activity.  It is not that arranging an office space for rent in [...]

October 2020

How to Start a Tax Consulting Business in Dubai?

In the past few years, new Business setups in Dubai are on the rise; this favorable turn of event is partly because of the economic stability that the UAE is currently enjoying. But mostly the new start-ups are sprouting every which way in the region due to the UAE’s government policies that are highly conducive for company formation and its consequent growth. Taking account of all the above starting up a consulting business in Dubai –where you basically assist other entrepreneurs [...]

An Entrepreneur’s Guide for Financing in the UAE in 2020

Dreamers come from far and wide to the Middle East because they know that the only place in the world where their dreams can become a reality is the UAE. The trust of the international community in the UAE was not built in a day. The government of the UAE employed administrative tactics and policies that attracted the foreign investors. 100 percent foreign ownership and lax taxation laws transformed the UAE into the success story that others desperately want to [...]

Method to Start a Business in Dubai Auto Zone

The Dubai Car and Automotive Zone were founded in the year 2000 with the aim of exporting cars to the Middle Eastern, Asian and African markets of the world. It is a perfect market place for the automotive industry catering to traders, buyers, sellers, service providers, and dealers. What makes it so perfect is that it is strategically located and thus has easy access to all the airports and seaports of the region, where the vehicles can be loaded [...]

4 Ways to Decide If Now Is the Right Time to Start Your Business in Dubai

Ideas for starting a business in Dubai, especially are usually clouded in scepticism during the best of times. Amid unprecedented circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, you might deem it is best to file away any such plans for a startup of your own the time being.  In reality, it could be the most excellent time ever to start a business. With the increasing demand for new methods to work and sell in light of the current health concerns [...]

How to start a trading Business in Dubai?

Dubai has been continuously topping all the rankings that have dubbed it as one of the influential business destinations in the world. Over the last few decades, there has been enormous growth in the business and financial sectors of Dubai. Industries such as tourism, trade, logistics have all shown extraordinary growth. So, beginning a trading business in Dubai is a no-brainer. As it has proven to be a beneficial investment for both the local and foreign investors. If you [...]

Six Lucrative Home-Based Business Ideas for Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

When it comes to starting a business, most people believe that it is next to impossible to dive into the free world of entrepreneurship as they wholeheartedly believe that it is something you need to spend a small fortune on. Moreover, it requires a load of heavy-lifting to make it a success. If this were the case, there would not be so many small but lucrative businesses and startups out there that are turning in quite a profit. That [...]

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