October 2017

Local Sponsors Dubai UAE

Types of Local Sponsors Required For Businesses in UAE

Dubai continuously growing its image as one of the top locations to start a business and attraction for investors to invest in, because of its economic growth, multinational culture, safety and security rules and most important in Dubai businesses have many opportunities and different zones to setup a business and each zone has its own benefits for businesses. According to the Pinkerton Risk Index Report of 2016, UAE was considered in the top 5 safest places in Asia-Pacific and Middle [...]


How to Register a Trademark in Dubai?

Trademark registration is one of the integral processes that you need to carry out once you have started your business. However, this step comes after the initial procedures of your business setup such as deciding the name, registration of the company and its logo. When this is all set, proceed to the registration of your business trademark. Let us first build your understanding of the term and its importance from legal perspective then we will elaborate its registration procedure. What [...]


Top 10 Benefits of Business in Mainland Dubai

Mainland Company in Dubai is an onshore company which can carry out its business activities in the local market of Dubai, in any other areas of United Arab Emirates and outside UAE. There is no restriction on the scope of its business in case of commercial and professional licenses. The formation of Mainland Company in Dubai requires a local sponsor who is UAE national. So the general shareholding pattern of Dubai Mainland Company is, UAE national Sponsor – 51% Foreign Shareholder [...]


Why Dubai Attracts Business Leaders for Offshore Model?

Formation of an offshore company refers to relocation of your existing business overseas. Dubai offshore company formation means to follow a course of action in order to legally establish an offshore company in Dubai with the purpose to conduct business internationally. It is commonly known as Dubai International Business Company or Dubai IBC, a registered and tax free company that is especially formulated in Dubai economic zone i.e. Jebel Ali free zone under United Arab Emirates Law and Dubai [...]

Business Setup in RAK Freezone UAE

Business Setup in Ras Al-Khaimah (RAK) Free Zone UAE

Ras al-Khaimah is one of the seven emirates that constitute United Arab Emirates (UAE). It enjoys a strategic graphical location as being situated on the northern most side of UAE at the entrance of Persian Gulf. It is 45 minutes away from Dubai and also sharing its borders with Oman as well as proximity to Iran with Saqr airport being 100km away from it. Ras al-Khaimah has an international airport and many sea ports located near Persian Gulf. In terms [...]

Difference between Dubai Mainland and Freezone Business Setup

Main Differences Between Dubai Mainland And Free Zone To Setup New Business

If you are looking to setup your business in Dubai, one of the key questions that arise is deciding the operating jurisdiction of your company. Dubai offers multiple options to an entrepreneur, amongst them there are primarily two choices for business location which are; Mainland Limited Liability Company or Free Zone Company. Basically the choice to go for a certain type entirely depends upon the nature of your business and the kind of activities that you want to carry [...]

Setting up a business in Dubai

5 Things to Consider While Setting Up Business in Dubai

With its progressive business landscape backed by government incentives and an ease of setting up a new enterprise, the city of Dubai has become an ideal investment destination for entrepreneurs around the world. In Dubai, you will find many talented people with creative and business mindset that are benefitting from this tax-free heaven, its safe and sound working environment as well as rich social and cultural lifestyle. Company formation in Dubai is not a difficult process as the government offers [...]

Foreign Direct Investment in Dubai

Why Dubai is Preferred Global Destination for Foreign Direct Investment

Over the last few years, Dubai has become a major access point for foreign investments and many countries are utilizing this platform to enter the wider region. The reason lies in the strategic location of Dubai which connects the economies of East and West catering to the needs of billions of consumers belonging to Middle East, Asia, Europe and America. Dubai has shown a tremendous amount of development in many sectors. Due to investor-friendly policies and world-class infrastructure, Dubai [...]

September 2017

How to Setup a Business in Dubai Media City Free Zone

Dubai Media City (DMC) is a free zone in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates established in January 2001. The purpose for its creation was to strengthen Dubai’s media footing and to make it region’s media hub. Dubai Media City has opened its doors for people with creative minds. Currently, DMC comprises of more than 2000 regional as well as international media companies with over 20,000 employees working for them. These companies enjoy benefits of the free zone which includes [...]

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