April 2020

Start A Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai in 2020

Digital marketing spending is supposed to amount to $375 billion by 2021 worldwide! In the UAE the same pattern of absolutely phenomenal growth in the digital marketing sector can be observed. The annual growth rate is anywhere between 25% and 40%. Such significant growth displays the investment potential of the sector to those who have the skills and it also spells out great news for all the entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking to break into this rapidly-growing and [...]

UAE Maintains 12th Rank for Digital Ground

In recent times the speed with which the technology has been evolving has changed the entire work culture. Businesses in every domain imaginable are choosing to digitize their day-to-day business activities so that they can effectively compete in this cut-throat world of entrepreneurship. Because of this, today, almost all the countries of the world have been taking numerous initiatives to promote digitalization in the business world. As it is always the case, The United Arab Emirates is always ahead of the [...]

March 2020

Dubai Residents & Businesses to Get Relief from Banks Amid CoronaVirus Outbreak

Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum recently asked the local banks, especially Dubai-based ones to offer relief to businesses in Dubai, including giving them refinancing, deferrals , repayment referrals and lower repayments where required. These measures are part of the plan devised by the Dubai government to counter the devastating impact of the CoronaVirus on the Dubai Economy. Efforts should focus attention on key industries contributing to the UAE’S economy and are the ones that are bearing the brunt [...]

Setting up a Gold Trade Business in Dubai

Fantastic architecture, state-of-the-art infrastructure, modern lifestyle, and lax trade policies make Dubai company formation a lucrative option for both foreign and local investors. The diverse and stable economy of the UAE draws many entrepreneurs from all over the world to explore the plethora of business opportunities it presents. On that note, let us discuss one of the most profitable business setup in Dubai: Gold and diamond trading. The Gold and Diamond Industry of the UAE are one of the most prolific [...]

Dubai Government Announced a Stimulus Package to Aid the Economy

The world’s economy is facing severe setbacks due to the challenging times the world is going through because of the outbreak of COVID-19 or CoronaVirus. Businesses, investments and the daily life of unsuspecting individuals continue to be greatly affected by it. In these troubling times the Dubai Government ought to be lauded for their swift planning and introduction of such measures in the form of a billion dollar stimulus package that will safeguard the investment and interests of Dubai’s ailing [...]

How to Start a Daycare Business in Dubai?

The UAE economy for the past several decades has been experiencing a massive uplift. This boom in the UAE’s economy is due to the visionary leadership that crafted enticing policies that lured foreign investors to invest in the region. 100% percent foreign ownership, minimal taxation, and top-of-the-line infrastructure are some of the incentives that have led to a massive influx of budding entrepreneurs wishing to set up a business in Dubai. This industrialization of the UAE is dubbed by the experts [...]

Is Your Dubai Business License Expiring? Here’s Why You Should Never Let It Run Out

Once you have set up your business in Dubai, naturally you do not want to lose it. Not only it requires a ton of administrative work to get your enterprise registered from the Department of Economic Development (DED) or other concerning authorities in whichever forty-five plus free zone you choose for as base of your operations. But also the hours spent on the incorporation process are too many to count. It might seem like you can at last just focus [...]

How to Start a Hotel Business in Dubai in 2020?

Tourism and travel are at the top of the list when it comes to Dubai’s diversified commercial sector. It was able to reshape itself into a virtual tourist magnet through fashioning  policies that have helped in making Dubai into one of the world’s most famous travel and tourist destinations.  Additionally, its strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, diverse population, and amazing entertainment spots that attract visitors from far and wide have played a huge role in luring several corporate giants and organizations [...]

How to Start a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

If you are looking to start a business in Dubai which has low overheads (minimal up-front costs), has a complete absence of typical operating costs and is high in demand, then you should consider learning about how to start a cleaning company in the UAE. Cleaning businesses usually have lower start-up costs than other business setups and this business is one of the few businesses that can get into operating mode immediately after its launch. However, you will have to [...]

Is your Business Setup Consultants helping you beat the competition?

If you have ever launched a company before, you will be thoroughly aware of the fine points: registering your company; opening a bank account; setting up your IT; building your brand; filing paperwork and obtaining authorizations. For starting a business in the UAE, it can be rewarding to have business setup consultants to do these tasks for you while you concentrate on building your business.  However, a business setup consultancy’s support should not end there.  If you want to stay ahead of [...]

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