May 2020

UAE’s IT Sector Growing at an Astonishing Pace

The UAE has long since carved its name among the technological hubs of the world. It has always been a global leader when it comes to embracing technological advancements and innovation. Last year alone, the UAE has claimed the title for a third consecutive year of the country that has the highest Fibre to The Home (FTTH) penetration. This advancement in technology has allowed the country to bring futuristic, innovative technologies to its citizens, and has thus transformed it [...]

8 Things to Consider Before Starting an Online Business in Dubai

Thanks to the technological advancements, that has transformed the world into the proverbial global village. These leaps in technology have also fashioned new ways of doing business. Gone are the days when the only way of doing business was finding a suitable location for your company and then displaying your merchandise in an aesthetically-pleasing manner to attract the consumers. Nowadays, starting a business in Dubai has become exceedingly straightforward. All you have to do is have a laptop, and a [...]

What Is a Virtual Office in Dubai and How Does It Work?

The United Arab Emirates is one of the most prolific business hubs in the region and Dubai is the most sought-after destination by many foreign investors and entrepreneurs who arrive here to start a business. Over the past few years, numerous foreign companies have set up shop in Dubai either through branch offices or subsidiaries. These modes of conquering the Dubai market are often utilised by large multinational corporations and conglomerates Considering the rising trend of startups in Dubai, the concept [...]

Three Reasons to Shift Your Company Setup to Dubai Mainland

Easy company formation, hundred percent foreign ownership, zero percent taxes, and other such excellent perks are proven to draw hordes of seasoned business owners and budding entrepreneurs to the shores of the UAE Free Zones. Why, then, do so many investors each year swap the safety of a free trade zone for the uncertainty on the Dubai Mainland? Put simply; this is a logical progression of a successful business. Right off the bat, setting up a business in one of the UAE’s [...]

Eight Reasons to Start a Finance Business in Dubai

Dubai, often dubbed as the commercial hub of the Middle East, has earned this title by careful planning and taking the necessary steps to achieve its vision of 2005. That was laid out in 1985 and outlined the plan to diversify its economy to a non-oil-dependent one from an economy that was heavily dependent on its oil sector. Nowadays, Dubai competes with major global financial centers in the world like New York, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. In the second [...]

Advantages of Setting Up a Gold Business in Dubai

Dubai has rightfully earned the title of the City Of Gold in the world. Gold trading is one of the most lucrative businesses in Dubai. The Gold industry adds around 20% to the total GDP of the UAE, where Dubai already contributes the lion’s share. The bustling gold sector incorporates more than 4,000 businesses, and countless professionals are directly engaged in multiple trades. Several other companies and executives, including white and blue-collared workers, are indirectly involved in the commerce [...]

April 2020

Calling all Personal Trainers– Do You Know How to Establish a Gym in UAE?

With the health and fitness sector of the UAE estimated to be worth AED 3 billion by 2022, it is no wonder why fitness-related jobs in the country have seen a surge in demand in the past few years. Not only that, but the world over the fitness industry has also is gaining widespread popularity and is thriving.  According to recent estimates, the global fitness equipment market is anticipated to be valued a staggering AED 45 billion by 2021! Apart [...]

Coronavirus in UAE – Dubai Banks Roll Out Significant Relief Measures For Residents

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak in the UAE, Dubai’s government has announced a business support package for its residents. This support package is part of the relief measures that the authorities are taking in their fight against the global pandemic. The five major banks of Dubai – Emirates NBD, Dubai Islamic Bank, Mashreq Bank, Emirates Islamic, and Commercial Bank of Dubai – rolled out a multitude of relief mechanisms for their individual and corporate consumers to mitigate the effect of Coronavirus. The [...]

What is the Dubai Creative Clusters Authority – and how can you set up your Business there?

The UAE is known throughout the world for its free zones. The entrepreneurs from every corner of the world prefer to set up a business in Dubai because of the many benefits like 100% company ownership, no currency restrictions, zero corporation, income and personal tax, and 100% import and export tax exemption. Each of the forty-five plus free zones –situated in Dubai and the rest of the UAE– are explicitly designed for a particular sector. If you opt for the [...]

Coronavirus Pandemic and the UAE’s Government Role in Keeping the Country Safe?

The Coronavirus has struck the world from nowhere and has dug its claws with surprising fierceness. While we do not know for how long this worldwide crisis will last, but we must understand that this virus is deadly and brought the mighty superpowers of the world to their knees. In light of these troubling circumstances, the United Arab Emirates is doing everything in its power to keep its citizens safe from this virulent virus. So far, this is what we [...]

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