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KWSME Helps Foreign Investors for Company Registration in Dubai


Dubai has now become a global business wonder and attracting countless foreign investors to set up their companies in one of the best cities in the world. KWSME is the professional business consultancy team in Dubai that can help fresh foreign starters to provide the best assistance for completing their requirements.

The major requirement for any foreign entrepreneur or investor is the company registration in Dubai. Some steps are mandatory for any foreign investor to complete to finalize their company registration Dubai. KWSME can play a significant role to reduce the hurdles and offer you the best guidance for Dubai company registration.

KWSME can help to select the region for company registration in Dubai

There are two major districts in which KWSME can help to complete your legal registration process. One is Mainland and the other one is the Free Zone sector.


The mainland region company registration in Dubai is slightly different from the free zone area. In the mainland, you required special approval from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED), Dubai Chamber, and Dubai Courts.

Some other governmental subdivisions are only necessary when you apply for a specific license. KWSME team can get you trustworthy local sponsors which are mandatory for completing your company registration Dubai.

Free Zone

The free zone area has dedicated to specific business categories and each of these 30 districts has its requirements for the registration process.

KWSME can easily fulfill your registration criteria in;

  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Media City
  • Dubai Studio City
  • Dubai Knowledge Park
  • Dubai International Financial Centre

The DMCC (Dubai Multi Commodity Centre) is considered one of the best free zone districts to start your business and KWSME has full details about all the major criteria for getting your desired license.

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KWSME can help to complete Company Registration Dubai Process

For any foreign investor, the biggest issue is finding the right consultancy agency to complete all of their paperwork. KWSME can assist you with company registration in Dubai procedure which includes these actions:

Getting your company’s trademark

KWSME has complete knowledge about Dubai’s ethics and norms for deciding a company name. They can get you a unique business name that does not violate any copyright rules.

Finalizing Business Model

For company registration in Dubai, you required a Memorandum of Association and marketing strategy to present DED. KWSME can help to collect and plan your business model and deliver it within days before submitting the online application to DED.

Translating your credentials

In Dubai the common language is Arabic, KWSME has professional translators who can convert foreign investor’s documents into clear Arabic language without causing any confusion. If you are a foreign entrepreneur and wanting to negotiate with local sponsors then the KWSME team can arrange an online meeting and you can freely discuss your agenda with Arabic business dealers.

KWSME can get you a license for Dubai company registration

There are four major license types for company registration in Dubai. KWSME has all the legal insight about the authentic chain of command who attests to your permit. Any foreign investor should not get worried about getting their general or specific trading license in Dubai.

KWSME can get you a Professional license, Commercial license, Industrial license, and Tourism License within weeks. This business consultancy company will help you to collect all important credentials for applying for a business license in Mainland or Free Zone.

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Quick bank account opening

At KWSME, they have an expansive network of banking specialists who will help you to open your legal bank account in Dubai. KWSME can get a loan for entrepreneurs and they have full knowledge about Dubai accounting policies for any foreign investor.

VISA processing

KWSME brings the best package for foreign investors in Dubai. Get an easy VISA processing scheme with the support of KWSME and after receiving your Dubai VISA you will be eligible to apply for family and business partners.

KWSME offers a complete economical bundle for fresh business investors in Dubai and they can get you an Emirates Identity card within days. Get all Dubai VISA with KWSME instantly which can be helpful to complete your registration course.

Get the best office with KWSME

KWSME is working with many startups and they have the right information about all the offices available on the mainland for rent or cost for building a factory/warehouse.

KWSME can get you the best office for completing your company registration in Dubai and they can suggest various office type such as:

  • Fully furnished business office.
  • Flexi-desk.
  • Saloon/Café/Restaurant.
  • Service shop.
  • Grocery store.

How to contact KWSME for Dubai company registration

The KWSME is the best option for any foreign investor to get their company registration in Dubai complete within weeks. KWSME not only deals with Dubai company registration but they have a wide range of services to facilitate any foreign business owner or entrepreneur.

KWSME can help with:

  • Auditing services.
  • Legal advisor services.
  • Documentation submission with a real-time update.
  • Product registration in Dubai.
  • Liquidation of company services.
  • Feel free to visit and acquire more details about company registration Dubai.

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