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How to Renew Mainland Trade License?


In order for you to do business legally in Dubai, you must have a valid trade license. According to the protocol issued by UAE‘s licensing body, The DED (Department of Economic Development) which states that: “trade license is a legal certificate that allows a business owner or an investor to indulge in activities which are mentioned in the license.”

The Mainland trade license renewal is an annual activity. The DED has facilitated this procedure by allowing the entrepreneurs and the business-owners to secure the trade license in simpler, and easy to understand method. Now, you can also renew the trade license through the online route.

The License Renewal Process:

The Necessary Paperwork:

Before you start the renewal process, there are some things that should be prepared beforehand.

1. The validity of the Tenancy Contract: The Tenancy Contract should have at least 1 month of validity. A tenancy contract is basically a contract that clearly states tenant’s rights and obligations. Make sure to have a minimum 1 month validity to avoid rejection of the associated licenses.

2. Business Activity Approvals: In UAE distinct businesses require specific licenses and certifications from a particular authority. Like a private clinic will require a certification from the Ministry of Health and Prevention of Dubai but a private taxi service will need a license from Dubai Transport and Road Authority (RTA). Therefore, have them prepared beforehand to avoid an unwanted delay in the renewal process.

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The basic documents required for the renewal are:

  1. Typed Commercial License form issued by the DED.
  2. Copies of Valid Passport of concerned parties.
  3. Copies of Valid Tenancy Contract.
  4. Valid Ejari Registration certificate.
  5. Copies of current Trade License.

Application of Renewal of License:

Simply, collect the aforementioned papers and submit it to the Department of Economic Development (DED) in any of the 3 ways offered by them:

  • Online: via there comprehensive website that is tailored to cater to all customer’s needs.
  • Offline: via authorized service agents and business service providers.
  • Auto-renewal: the fastest way to get your license renewed by paying extra fees.

Once you have submitted your request for processing of renewal of license, through your preferred method. Your work is done! In a matter of days, the request will be granted.

The Best way of renewal of Trade License:

Even though the DED has streamlined the trade license renewal process, it is still highly – recommended that you hire a company formation consultancy firm so that the tedious and menial tasks fall on them, and you just focus on sustaining and expanding your business.

Benefits of hiring a business consultancy firm include:

  • A business service provider or consultancy will always comply with all the terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations set up by the government while renewing the trade license.
  • They will have all the paperwork updated and prepared beforehand as the application process of renewal of mainland license requires meticulous documentation.
  • The renewal of the mainland license even though it seems deceptively easy –it is not- as it requires approvals from not only the DED but also from the immigration office, Labour department and other such regulatory authorities. That makes hiring of professionals i.e. a business setup consultancy an ideal option.
  • A business service provider always knows about the changes made in the laws and regulations, which makes them less likely in making trivial mistakes.

Some perks of hiring one of the leading company formation specialist and business service provider in UAE include:

  • Periodic reminders of licenses that are due for renewal.
  • Deal with all the formalities regarding the renewal process.
  • Offer numerous administrative services that allow you to operate your business with ease.

Furthermore, with our talented team handling the tasks, you know for sure that it will be done with utmost care and correctness.

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