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How to register & launch new cosmetic product in UAE


New products are being in the markets of the UAE more frequently than ever. The market has opened up since there the trends brought by globalization have allowed for innovation and acceptance of new ideas and methods of production and servicing.

The influx of investment in form of business setup in Dubai has also helped the UAE come a long way. The towers that have been erected over the years are providing not only employment, products and services but are also providing a platform where new ideas are discussed and feasibilities are made. It is these ideas and feasibilities that have taken physical shape to help the UAE develop into the heaven for business setup in Dubai that it is.

From free zones, ideas for a new business setup in UAE ,airports, and travel infrastructure to services, regulations and ease in business, everything has come through innovation that were meant to promote the growth of the cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the UAE as a whole.

The people of the UAE are becoming more and more aware of what the world is like and they like to follow the trends too. That is why they are ready to accept the products and services being presented to them as a choice in the market by a huge number of business setup in UAE. This innovation has also allowed for the growing and changing needs of the population of the UAE to be met.

Registration of a new product in the UAE

If you follow a checklist, there is no need to worry about the launch and registration of a new product in the UAE after you have completed company formation Dubai. The laws and regulations regarding new products have changed over the years and more products are being accommodated in the list of products allowed in the UAE.

All you need to do is to comply with the necessary laws.

  • The product that you have designed and want to launch should not fall under the category of unlawful items, such as alcohol or pork.
  • Other than this, all items that are not prohibited on a religious basis are allowed to be made in the UAE and consumed.
  • For the registration of the new product after company formation Dubai, you will have to provide details on the products quality. The UAE authorities make sure the product is fit for use by the people. Nothing that is sub-standard goes into the market.
  • The next thing that you should make sure is that all regulatory approvals are received before you launch and market your product.
  • Documents need to be filed with information on the product so the regulators make it part of the record and are able to maintain safety and quality checks that highly important in the UAE.

But, if you want to focus on business operations, KWS-ME can is the best firm to allow to handle tasks like product registration, visa processing and business registration, among other things that our experts can take care of.

The experts of the firm use their experience to quickly get the paperwork completed, attested from the required authorities and submitted for approval from the regulatory authorities. It is the experience of dealing with such paperwork that has allowed our experts to find ways to get things done without wasting a single second. The market is so fast that you cannot afford to delay your product’s launch otherwise someone else will grab the attention of the market before you and you will lose your competitive advantage over the market. It is not something that you would want

There is no documentation in Dubai that we cannot handle. Just give us a call or drop us an email and we will advise you on matters relating to your business.

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