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How to Obtain SPA Business License in Dubai


Dubai is the city of gold, any business idea it touches, however ludicrous it turns to gold. The UAE has radically changed the business world by emerging as the new business centre in all domains. As far as the beauty industry is concerned, Dubai has become one of the most prolific beauty markets, not just in the Middle East but across the globe. Reportedly, the UAE expended $1.6 billion on beauty products alone! Providing business owners and investors with the golden opportunity of investing in the world of beauty. One of the quickest ways of entering this market is spas. A spa is a place of pleasure and decompression that attracts not only the weary office workers or tired homemakers but also tourists that need a break from intense activities.

If you are thinking of starting a spa business in Dubai, then now is the time to set it up. The following guidelines will direct you in the attainment of the Spa license, which will provide your business legal authority while conducting business in Dubai.

Things to Keep in Mind before Applying for a Spa License:

Selection of location: Dubai is genuinely a metropolis where people from all walks of life enjoy and maintain a sophisticated lifestyle. This lifestyle choice demands a prim, proper and clean appearance that necessitates trips to saloons and to unwind these individuals flock by the dozens towards the spas.

To gain maximum profit from your spa business, it is highly recommended that you choose your location carefully as the spa can be opened in Dubai Mainland and Dubai’s Free Zone. You should select the Mainland as it is ideal for attracting customers all year round compared to Free Zones where customers are seasonal.

Classification of SPA: You must define the kind of spa you wish to open, is it going to be a spa exclusively for females or males would also be allowed. Or the spa will provide additional services such as hair styling and primping or makeup application.

Type of Business Structure: Choose the kind of business structure that will govern the business operations. For instance, will it be a sole proprietorship or a partnership?

SPA License Requirements:

Following are the requirements for Spa business setup in Dubai:

  • Approval of location from the Dubai Municipality’s planning department.
  • A hoarding or a signpost must be placed in front of the establishment.
  • The premise must be well- lit, with proper furnishings.
  • The sanitation system must be functional.
  • Cosmetics and other beauty care products must be certified from the Dubai Municipality’s product safety department.
  • Must have Separate rooms or areas for different services like pedicures or back massages.
  • Wash bowls must be installed in facial rooms and hairstyling area.
  • A cupboard for storage purposes.
  • A Water heater must be present.
  • The length and width of dressing rooms should be 2.03 meters as mandated by the Dubai Municipality.
  • Dressing chairs should be of a size approved by the requisite authority.

Required Documents:

  • Name of the spa and approval of the name from the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Copies of visa and passport of the concerned parties.
  • Draft a Memorandum of association and other such artifacts with the help of an agent.
  • A copy of valid Tenancy Contract and Ejari certificate.
  • Approvals from DED and Dubai Municipality.

Submission of the Necessary Documents:

Submit the documents as mentioned earlier accordingly to commence the registration process. Make sure the paperwork is in order and are up to date on the day of submission.

Collection of License:

Once the documents have been processed, the Department of Economic Development (DED) will issue the license.

Immediately, after the collection of the license, you can commence operations.

As the process of obtaining a Spa License involves dozen or so approvals from various authoritative bodies, the preferred approach is hiring a business setup consultants in Dubai like KWS Middle East. With their immense experience, they can do the task handed to them with precision and agility.

For a smooth and stress-free entrance into the Dubai business arena, choose KWS Middle East to deal with the minute, tiresome details of business while you focus on building your business.

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