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How Important is Dubai Plan 2021 for Businesses in Dubai UAE?

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Dubai Plan 2021 Background

In a span of just twenty years, the glorious city of Dubai has experienced an unparalleled growth and extraordinary transformation on a global level. The success was envisioned by Ruler of Dubai HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum who has placed keen importance upon controlled and directed growth. He also established the first documented long term strategy for Dubai; known as Dubai Strategic Plan 2015. DSP 2015 focused on five main areas of development i.e. economic, social, safety & security, infrastructure & environment and lastly government excellence. DSP 2015 was developed in 2007 which laid down road map of development for private and public sectors for next seven years.

After the successful completion of DSP 2015, the next installment: Dubai Strategic Plan 2021 was announced on 17th December 2014.

Mission DSP 2021

The mission of DSP 2021 is to reinforce the position of Dubai as global hub across a number of economic sectors. Dubai plan 2021 takes into account all the issues and initiatives required to make Dubai a pioneer destination worldwide for its quality of life and government excellence. Along with Dubai Plan 2021, huge milestone i.e. World Expo 2020 and other initiatives such as Dubai: The Capital of Islamic Economy, My Community, Dubai Smart City and Dubai Government Towards 2021 and many others are on their way which will play key part in making Dubai a role model for the world.

In this article we will focus entirely on Dubai Plan 2021, its significance and implications on business sector in Dubai. We will also explain rest of the projects in detail. Keep visiting our blog on KWSME for updates.

Four developmental principles of Dubai plan 2021:

  • Development: Devise strategies which will contribute in making Dubai among top ranked cities of the world.
  • Best Practice: Identify and adopt the best practices in national strategic planning.
  • Measurement: Plan must be measurable and assess able by all constituents
  • Engagement: The plan must successfully engage all stakeholders which are involved or will be affected by Dubai plan 2021.

People Consulted to Devise DP 2021:

  • 60 leaders of emirate and government
  • 200 government employees
  • 40 external experts
  • 70 university students
  • 75 workshops

The development of Dubai plan 2021 started in November 2013 and after one year of careful planning which involved interviews, workshops, media campaigns; the government came up with a strategy for the next five years which is centered around on the following six themes.

  1. A city of happy, creative and empowered people
    The core to Dubai’s success is the people and society that make up this city. This is why the first and foremost objective of Dubai plan 2021 is to achieve people’s happiness. People who are educated and healthy are happy and will perform better in variety of sectors.
  2. An inclusive and cohesive society
    In order to achieve the mission, the objective is to create a tolerant and inclusive society that serves as an exemplary multicultural destination worldwide.
  3. The preferred place to live, work and visit
    Dubai aims to provide best educational, healthcare and residential facilities to everyone who will enjoy rich cultural experience and feel secure at the same time.
  4. A smart and sustainable city
    The mission is to create a smart and integrated city which is sustainable in its resources as well as provide clean and healthy environment to its inhabitants.
  5. A pivotal hub in global economy
    DB 2021 aims to continue to sustain position of Dubai as a pivotal hub in international economy by providing best infrastructure and business friendly policies to foreign investors.
  6. A pioneering and excellent government
    Lastly, DB 2021 emphasizes upon governance excellence by being proactive in meeting the needs of its inhabitants, providing transparent and reliable procedures as well as also sustain government resources wisely.

Government of Dubai recognizes the importance of partnership with businesses in spurring public and private sectors from various economic fields such as trade, logistics, tourism and finance in order to achieve GDP growth.

There are multiple benefits of starting a business in Dubai. Dubai provides an open door policy, state of the art logistics facilities which include container handling at sea ports and passenger traffic at its world class airport and also providing supreme financial assistance thus supporting the vision of transforming Dubai into capital of Islamic Economy and also attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by providing ease of doing business facilities.

The government is promoting economic diversification and working on strengthening the role of various free zones to attract local and foreign investment. Free zones provide numerous benefits to foreign investor such as complete ownership of business. KWSME specializes in providing its services for free zone company formation in Dubai.

Small and Medium Enterprises SMEs play a significant role in Dubai GDP and government is providing much support for new SME startups. Dubai Plan 2021 emphasizes upon private sector contribution as well as creation of two way communication between public and private sectors which will reflect positively on overall business.

Dubai Plan 2021 is worth approximately USD 7 to 8 billion. Its central pillars are smart technology and innovation which will provide upgraded economic and social services for the citizens and transform government into data based smart solutions.

Dubai Strategic plan 2021 has great potential. Through the support of government, investors have huge opportunities to invest in variety of sectors. Having access to wireless connection, acceptance of society for technology and willingness to live in fast and tech driven environment are the factors which facilitate this process of making Dubai as an interconnected and smart destination.

If you are looking to start business in Dubai, contact us at KWSME. We can thoroughly guide you about all the opportunities in the city and help you decide the best option for you. We take pride in providing best services for complete business setup in Dubai. Visit our website for more information.

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