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How Growing an E-Commerce Business in the UAE

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E-commerce has become the integral part of any business whether you do it offshore or work from site. In 90’s the concept of electronic business was introduced and then with the passage of time in 20’s this concept boomed and E-industry reached to the top. Now you talk about starting any sort of business, first you Google it and look for its scope online. From grocery to the fashion and from education to the professionalism, every sector is hitting e-commerce due to its numerous benefits. Now you can purchase everything online at home just on one click. The demand for online stores has increased in UAE as well. It is expected that e-commerce sector in UAE will hit $10 billion in 2018. This increase in demand is tremendous as in 2014, online trading was only $2.5 billion.

Growing an E-Commerce Business in UAE

The consumer demand in UAE for online options of purchasing has increased in last few years. This growing demand has made companies bound to work on online stores if they wish to be in competition. E-commerce brought a huge pool of opportunities for new entrepreneurs as they found space to grow and flourish in this sector.

Following ways helps in an e-business growth effectively in UAE:

Hiring Professionals:

A big market in UAE is acquired by IT professional that helps you build your E-store from scratch keeping these points in mind

  • Information gathering: Knowledge about the business is must for the person who you assigned the task to build your store. He must know exactly about your products and the business you deal in. Usually this proficiency is attained through meeting.
  • Quantitative/Qualitative analysis: To gather market need of products and get the idea about the audience that which sector your business is hitting, you do analysis in the form of surveys.
  • Design your entities: It is the most important task among the list to understand the entities and to point out and work on them only, keeping in mind the ease of audience, otherwise consumer will prefer other e-commerce solutions over you.
  • Front View: The front end, a customer finds on your e-commerce site is such simple and there should be easy steps to follow for purchasing.

Trust worthy relationship B2C:

Your E-business is 100% based on your loyalty to the customer and how much he trusts on your company. This relationship and bonding always gets strong after 1st online shopping experience.

Payment Methods: Costumer always go for easiest option. Usually companies offer these threes type of payments.

  1. Credit cards
  2. Bank Accounts
  3. Cash on delivery

Among st them cash on delivery is the popular one and shows company trust in its customer ship.

Dubai Government Incorporation:

It’s important to mention here that this vary growing e-commerce culture is not only because of private sector but government has also taken steps to promote this culture and by given its services to the business companies.

These government grants include integration of traditional offline services such as:

  • Visa services
  • Traffic services
  • Utilities services
  • Online payments services

In addition to moving many services online, the UAE government has even taken initiative to build world’s first purpose-only e-Commerce hub ‘’ along with his founding partners and is duty free.

It is very clear from the steps taken by government of Dubai that they are promoting online business in their region and welcoming business partners from all around the world to take part in establishing e-commerce natured business and urging the companies to encourage the growth of e-Commerce, aiming to bring local, national and international investors closer together with Dubai aiming to worldwide e-commerce business hub in years to come.

With Dubai in its effort to provide facilities and services to the international and local consumers KWSME is also joining hands with them not only helping you in establishing company on land but can also provide you services and their professionals can bring your website to the market. We also care for customer legalization in generating a business environment that is according to the Dubai policies. For this purpose, we help you in attaining E-Commerce license so that you can expend your business legally. For further information about growing your company in Dubai, Please Contact Us or call on 00971-(04) 871 4313, or send an email to

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