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Home Based Business in Dubai


Gone are the days when United Arab Emirates was known for its trade of oil and petrochemical products. Now it is a place of unlimited business opportunities. Its commercial capital; Dubai, over the years has progressed by leaps and bounds. Whether you come here as a visitor or foreign investor, Dubai welcomes you with open arms. Many high profile companies have their offices here and are involved in multi-million dollar investments. That is why people from all over the world come here to get a job at a renowned place or start business in Dubai as an entrepreneur.

Even if you lack resources to setup your own office in Dubai, you can still do your work at your home. There are plenty of home based business opportunities in Dubai that you can pursue and make profits. We have listed down ten potential opportunities that are trending in Dubai for home based business.

Teacher/ Tutor

Teaching at home does not even involve money to start. If you have knowledge and expertise in any subject, you can leverage that by becoming a business coach. There is no limitation for teaching. You can teach certain subject or provide yoga training or be a dance instructor. The options are unlimited for you.

Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer has recently become a very serious job with its pursuers earning a lot out of it from sponsoring and promoting products. What you require for this job first is to get a large following, having an idea of how to promote certain product and make it appealing in the eyes of people. In order to start, you will have to purchase a domain and build a website.

Video Blog

This is quite money making job these days. People who are using YouTube as a platform for Video blog are earning millions of dollars provided they have large views on their videos and subscribers. You can do anything on YouTube; teach a subject, give product review, give make up lessons etc. Anything that you think large amount of people would want to know, you can make a video of it and upload to website.

Graphic Designing/ Web Development

This involves designing for your clients. If you have knowledge about coding, this will be added benefit as many SMEs are waiting for themselves to be put on internet. You have to be master of social media for this work. You have the liberty to choose whosoever you want to work for, work according to your own timings and at the convenience of your own home.

Selling Through E-Commerce

Entrepreneurs can earn from home by selling through an E-Commerce platform by listing your products online. This is great opportunity for bakers, artists, painters, designers, and craftsmen who can use this platform. There are several e-commerce portals in UAE whereby you can setup an account and create your virtual shop fronts. You can list your products there and reach large number of audience.


If you don’t want to sell products rather provide a service such a content writing, you can do that from home provided you get a license for it. Free lancing is allowed in UAE and there are number of websites which provide platform for freelance and part time work in UAE.

According to a recent study, more companies in UAE are looking for freelancers as they think freelancing will remain in for long time. Many free zones and networking groups are working to make working as freelancer more feasible.

Fashion Boutique

If you have a good fashion sense and an entrepreneurial mindset, it will be good to start a profitable venture of opening a fashion boutique. People especially come to Dubai for shopping. Providing them with latest fashion trends can bring you lots of money.

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