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In a recent announcement by UAE government, employees applying for a job in UAE are required to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’ in order to be eligible for issuance of work permit.

UAE Cabinet approved in principle to conduct background security check on foreign workers in October 2017. UAE Coordination Committee approved this resolution in January 2018 stating that it is mandatory for the foreigners who apply for work visa in UAE to obtain ‘certificate of good conduct’- whether issued by expatriate’s home country or the country where he has been living for the last 5 years.

According to Ministry of Interior, 4.5 million foreign workers live and work in Dubai.

Background of the Initiative

The underlying theme of this move is to prevent and reduce crimes across UAE. Major General Al Mansouri who is Assistant Commander In Chief for Criminal Investigation Affairs of Dubai Police, commented, “a person who wants to work in UAE should have a clean record and not involved in any criminal cases”.

Al Mansouri emphasized upon necessity of this new procedure by narrating the case of an African maid who was arrested for torturing a child. When her criminal record was checked by the police, they came to know that she was imprisoned for carrying out same crime in a Gulf country due to which she was deported to her homeland.

There was another incidence where a 9 year old Jordanian boy was raped and murdered by a person who was imprisoned in his home country for involvement in dangerous criminal activities. This new strategy will assist in preventing entry of criminals in UAE. UAE government has full right to protect its society and inhabitants and criminals will not be allowed to enter in UAE to prevent further crimes.

In this article, we have put together some common questions regarding the new rule and answered them for your ease of understanding.

What is ‘certificate of good conduct’?

Good conduct certificate is a document which proves that a person does not have any criminal record and is suitable to work and live in UAE. It is essentially a background check of job seekers looking to work in the UAE.

Why has the regulation been enforced?

This rule has been enforced with the aim to make UAE safest place in the world.

What is job visa?

Job visa allows the holder to enter UAE once and it is valid for two months from the date of issuance. When the employee enters UAE on his job visa, his/her sponsor has 60 days to complete the formalities of medical tests and stamping of visa.

When will the requirement come into effect?

The requirement to produce good conduct certificate came into effect from Feb 4, 2018.

Who does the rule apply to?

The security screening will be applied to all job applicants, including domestic workers.

Should the certificate be attested?

Yes. Good conduct certificate should be certified by UAE Missions Abroad or attested at Customers’ Happiness Centers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

Do the residents of UAE are required to produce certificate as well?

People who are born and raised in UAE do not need to provide the certificate. However, people who have spent some time in their home country or another country before applying for a job in UAE must provide good conduct certificate.

What would be the procedure if a job seeker has worked in multiple countries over last 5 years?
If a person has lived in several countries over the last 5 years, then he will need a certificate from each country meaning thereby he should be present in each country for his certificate appointment. Preferably, one should secure his document from the country he is in before moving to UAE for work.

What about tourists and foreign students in UAE?

No. Tourists, students or those people who are visiting UAE under medical or mission visas do not need this certificate.

What about dependents of applicants?

No, dependents of applicants do not need this certificate.

Who else does not need ‘good conduct certificate’?

Domestic workers from Philippines and Indonesia are exempted to produce this certificate when applying for work in UAE till June 2018.

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