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With every passing day as more and more businesses opt to start their operations in Dubai thanks to the government’s policies that are conducive to company formation. Besides that, the government of the UAE has set up various industry-specific free zones to attract international investors to the shores of the UAE.

Due to the high demand for rental spaces in Dubai, it is pretty challenging to find an appropriate commercial space or office space in Dubai at an economical rate.

Right from the get-go, you must understand that getting an office space in Dubai is mandatory to conduct legitimate business operations. While it is possible only to have a virtual office room may seem more enticing and is very enticing for companies that do the majority of their business activities online. Still, Dubai rules mandate that all businesses within the city must have a physical address to ensure the adequate monitoring of all of its activities and operations.

As an entrepreneur, you know the importance of having a perfect office space. Your workplace is more than just a series of cubicles, in fact, it is the first thing your potential clients will see, and the location and ambiance of your rental office space will be responsible for creating a lasting impression on them.

Therefore, choosing a rental office space in Dubai that boosts your brand’s popularity and identity is really vital for you to beat your competition and come up on top.

Pro-tips for Finding a Suitable Rental Space in Dubai

Let’s take a look at some useful tips for finding a proper office space for rent in Dubai:

Know your requirements

When you are searching for the perfect office space in Dubai for rent, it is most helpful that you know beforehand what are your requirements depending on the type of business you are operating in Dubai.

After you have narrowed down the requirements of your business, you can then choose whether renting a space in a business center is ideal for you. Or opting for an office space that has a warehouse is more suitable for smooth operations for your business.

Other options that you should consider are:

  • Open-plan facility
  • Fitted-out office space
  • Centrally located premises

Suitable Locations

Picking an appropriate location for your office space in Dubai is very important as having an office space in a renowned area adds a touch of professionalism and an air of credibility to your business, which is essential in luring in customers that will inadvertently boost your profits.

Dubai mainland offers several locations that are known for providing the companies unmatched mobility and accessibility, as well as, is famous for its vicinity to other business centers.

The Dubai mainland is home to the World Trade Center zone, Sheik Zayed Road, and Dubai International Finance Centre; these are Dubai’s largest commercial zones. A business that has an office space here is deemed to have hit the jackpot as it is the most coveted location in all of Dubai, and companies fall over themselves to get a spot in any of these commercial hubs.

Rents are likely to be a bit on the higher side in the Dubai mainland as many companies are looking to set up a base here.

Free Zone as the other option

If your company is providing services in any particular area, then you can select a free zone that is dedicated to your specific industry. Many such businesses have chosen to set up in these dedicated free trade zones for ease and convenience. Dubai Media City, Healthcare City, Dubai Design District, and Dubai Internet City are famous examples of these free zones.

Complete legal obligations

Once you have decided on office space for rent in Dubai, it is mandatory that you complete all the legal requirements that are requested by your rental contract. Usually, the agreement requires you to deposit an agreed-upon amount in the bank account of the landlord. This guarantees that the office space is reserved for you until the end of the agreement.

Before signing the contract, it is highly recommended that you consult with business consultants in Dubai to ensure that you are not being duped or exploited by the other party.

Having a credible rental contract will qualify for a business license.

Hire Business Setup Consultants

It is the preferred practice here in the UAE that most entrepreneurs adhere to, which is to hire business setup consultants in Dubai. These specialists are adept at finding an ideal office space in Dubai that will satisfy all your listed requirements to a T. Moreover, they will negotiate on your behalf with your potential landlord to offer a rental rate that is well within your budget and will do everything in their will to get you the coveted business address in a commercial center of your choice.

Need guidance concerning what type of office space is most fitting for your company? Or are you only looking for some advice for setting up a business in Dubai? Starting a business requires extensive planning, strategizing, and foresight, which at times, can only be possible if one has experience in the art of company formation.

And that only comes if you are a serial entrepreneur or are the owner of big corporations. As it is evident that you are neither of those; therefore, it is only fitting for newbie business owners that they should hire business setup consultants.

If you are in either of the categories mentioned above, then look no further as we at KWS Middle East are here to serve you. Our specialists will provide their adept advice to you only after listening to your problems and will give a solution that is tailor-made to fit your needs.

Moreover, we provide all the services needed to build a successful business setup in Dubai. Whether in Dubai mainland or Dubai Free zones, we cater to all your particular demands.

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Contact us today and book our commitment-free consultation call today with our experts!

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