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Dubai sets up committee to ensure city readiness for Expo 2020

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Dubai will host the much awaited Expo 2020 in the third quarter of 2020. The event is planned to be conducted on 438-hectare area which will be located between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The expo will not only help the UAE connect with other countries but will also add to the business opportunities in the UAE and for businessmen and investors to explore their options in the UAE.

The authorities in the UAE have setup a new committee to supervise the efforts being made in order to make Expo 2020 successful. The committee will also serve the purpose of ensuring co-ordination between all the local and federal entities that are involved in planning, execution or any other aspect of the event.

The committee was setup by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, chairman of the Expo Dubai 2020 Higher Committee and its first meeting was held recently, where the development of the plan to enhance the experience of visitors during the 6 months of the Expo 2020, was discussed. The plan includes everything from immigration and transport, to healthcare and attractions throughtout the country.

It is expected that 25 million will visit the event, out of which 70% are expected to be foreigners. This will be the biggest influx of foreigners for a single event in the history of the UAE.

How will Dubai benefit from the Expo?

Whenever events like these happen, all the loopholes and all the little problems that are the result of procrastination are mostly resolved and the environment becomes better all of a sudden.

a. Services like 5G will be provided throughout the event. Not only will it allow international coverage through media but will help companies connect to their top-level executives and for people to send their important messages that are related to business in Dubai.

b. The UAE government is financing the construction of roads, improvement in airport facilities, and financing of rail links in order to make the experience of the visitors the best that they have ever had.

c. The event will generate revenue with people travelling to the UAE from around the world. They will live, spend, invest and then manage their business setup in UAE in the UAE. The economy will see a positive result.

d. Every business will have something good to take away from the event. Restaurants, hotels and resorts will have business opportunities in UAE because of the influx of people. They will have a huge market to serve and for a good few months, owners and workers at these places will have no time to even scratch their heads. Sounds like someone’s going to generate more revenue than they had thought of ever.

e. After the expo, the UAE will see more investment coming into the country because people will have business opportunities in UAE the potential of the country and might decide to invest their money in hopes that the investment will successfully generate the returns that the investor is eying.

f. The real estate sector which allows for residents, shops and every other business Setup in Dubai to run, will see a boom, since this sector is comparatively easier to deal with but has higher returns.

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