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Coronavirus Pandemic and the UAE’s Government Role in Keeping the Country Safe?


The Coronavirus has struck the world from nowhere and has dug its claws with surprising fierceness. While we do not know for how long this worldwide crisis will last, but we must understand that this virus is deadly and brought the mighty superpowers of the world to their knees. In light of these troubling circumstances, the United Arab Emirates is doing everything in its power to keep its citizens safe from this virulent virus.

So far, this is what we know about how Coronavirus is spreading.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States of America, the virus is suspected of spreading through person-to-person contact as the virus resides in the contaminated person’s body and is released in the air when said person sneezes or coughs. Because of this, to limit its spread, preventive measures such as social distancing and self-isolation have been introduced. While it is thought that people are most contagious when they are displaying the most symptoms, however, some experts believe that the spread might be possible even before the infected person exhibits any indications of acquiring the COVID-19.

Global Scenario After the COVID-19 Outbreak

Since the start of the outbreak, local, provincial, regional, and international health organizations have been working diligently to limit its spread. Scientists and experts in every walk of life are scrambling to concoct a cure for this virus of unknown origin and are hell-bent on developing such technologies that will deter the spread of Coronavirus long enough to stop it from entirely overwhelming national healthcare systems. Especially in conveyance hubs that are used by people coming from all over the planet. Furthermore, they are actively trying to create new medicines and delivering them to developing nations where medical systems are weak, under-funded, under-developed, and is vulnerable.

The world is in panic mode, with the Coronavirus entering a new country daily. Adding to this panic are countries that are showing no infection data like Indonesia, driving some to conclude that the COVID-19 is quietly spreading over the archipelago. Jakarta, at last, has slowly begun testing its population after announcing the previous week its plans of rolling out strict airport testing and detection protocols.

In contrast, however, Hong Kong is the chief player in the development of a cure to eliminate COVID-19 completely and is fighting at the frontlines, keeping in mind its proximity to mainland China—the center of the virus—. Singapore, a country recognized for its cleanliness and superior medical facilities, has executed drastic measures that strictly limit travel to mainland China and is forcefully quarantining those returning from foreign trips. People are officially charged if they are found to be declaring incorrect travel history.

Rendering these policies remarkably effective – recovery rates now far surpass infection rates in Singapore.

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UAE’s Stance During the Global Pandemic

Across the Persian Gulf, the Arab countries have reacted contrarily, with spotty results. Most have, at least, installed non-intrusive thermal screening at exit and entry points to effectively screen all airline passengers and have canceled numerous cultural and sporting events.

On the other hand, some countries have employed more stringent tactics to stem the spread.

The UAE, specifically, has proved to have taken well-thought-out steps meant to curb the spread of Coronavirus and safeguard its position as a significant business hub. UAE authoritative bodies have established numerous preventative measures, recognizing its weakness as a potential catalyst of a global pandemic, like localized quarantines, implementing social distancing, and rigorous airport screenings. Hand sanitizers are now available in all of the hotels’ entry and exit points. Government agencies are instructed to interact online through a face-to-face meetings portal. An introductory program is in place that will teach the students via distance learning.

It has been advised that the public take proactive measures such as repeatedly washing hands with soap and clean water, and covering the mouth with tissue or napkin when coughing or sneezing. The Department of Health has also circulated an instruction that the country’s national health plan will include all diagnoses, admission, and treatment of suspected COVID-19 cases.

Measures Taken by the UAE to Fight COVID-19

Ensuring public health and safety is the top priority of the UAE government; to assure its residents, the authorities have taken the subsequent precautionary measures.

  1. On March 14, the UAE Central Bank announced a stimulus package of Dh100 billion to offset the slowdown in the economy produced by the outbreak and consequent drop in business activity
  2. Later, on March 22, the UAE Cabinet recommended an additional Dh16 billion be added to the already impressive Dh100 billion stimulus package to counter the adverse effects of the Coronavirus outbreak effectively.
  3. Apart from granting the aforementioned financial stimulus, the government of the UAE is also taking strict measures to guarantee the global pandemic is controlled and contained within the UAE.
  4. A three-day National Sterilization Drive was declared on March 26. The drive, which took place on Thursday, March 26, until Sunday, March 29, was carried out by the Ministry of Interior in coordination with all related federal and local authorities.
  5. Dubai Executive Council issued directives to government entities to implement a hundred percent remote work system as on Sunday, March 29, 2020.
  6. First Arab Bank, Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, and Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank announced initiatives for people and small and medium businesses to relieve the financial strain they might endure because of the economic repercussions of the pandemic. The efforts cover deferring installments, decreasing interest charges, bank costs, and down payment.

With such well-thought-out initiatives, the United Arab Emirates has led by example, on how should the Coronavirus outbreak must be handled. By employing both economically defensive strategies and being medically proactive is the only way to fight this beast.

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